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What is the best menstrual cup

There are more and more methods to cope with menstruation. Pads and tampons are the classic ways to retain menstrual flow and have good intimate hygiene. Luckily, at the moment, you can find another system on the market, a newer, more comfortable, ecological and practical one: the INTIMINA Lily Cup menstrual cup.

Next, in this AgroCorrn article, we will talk to you in depth about this product, explaining what it is and which is the best menstrual cup . Which one do you prefer?

What is the menstrual cup

The menstrual cup is here to stay and has revolutionized the hygiene and intimate care market for women. This product is perfectly designed to be used during menstruation and guarantee the retention of vaginal bleeding in it, that is, it is responsible for collecting and retaining menstrual flow avoiding unwanted losses and stains. In addition, it can be emptied, cleaned and reused in the next period, provided it has been properly cleaned and stored.

Currently there are numerous types of menstrual cup , such as the Lily Cup , so we can choose the most appropriate depending on different factors such as; the one that best suits our anatomy according to the shape of the menstrual cup, the material that we like the most, for the comfort when using it, when washing it or even for issues of respect for the environment, among other characteristics.

In fact, by leaving products such as pads and tampons behind and moving to the menstrual cup, we are doing a great thing with the planet . Why? Well, because pads and tampons pollute a lot; The reason is that they use both paper and plastic and, in addition, bleaching products are used to give them a whiter and cleaner appearance, which are bad for our health. It should also be noted that tampons and pads cannot be recycled in any way after use. Instead, menstrual cups are reusable, durable, cheaper and less polluting products .

Requirements of a good menstrual cup

Next, for you to learn more about this new product for feminine intimate hygiene, we explain which are the best menstrual cups on the market, according to the criteria and characteristics they present.


The material with which this product has been manufactured is very important when deciding to buy a menstrual cup of one brand or another. Each body is different and, although they are generally made with materials that do not cause allergic reactions, that is, hypoallergenic materials are used, not all bodies adapt the same to a foreign material, and some type of reaction or discomfort may also occur, due to Example if the material is somewhat stiffer than expected.

In the case of the menstrual cup, it is also located in one of the most complex and delicate corners of the female anatomy, so selecting a good product, such as the INTIMINA Lilly Cup, will ensure a good adaptation and acclimatization of it in this part of the body.

INTIMINA menstrual cups are made of silicone, as it is a hypoallergenic, resistant, moldable and durable material if it is cared for correctly. So the best menstrual cup is a silicone one because it does not present any risk to women’s health, it can be used for several hours at a time, it is very easy to clean and store and it is a durable material.

Menstrual cup capacity

If there is something positive about the menstrual cup, it is that it can be used for hours without constantly changing it, something that does happen with sanitary pads and tampons. Therefore, you should look for a cup with a capacity adapted to your menstrual flow.

It is important that you know your body and the flow that you generate during the period to select the correct size cup. Remember that, otherwise, the contents of the cup could spill in cases where the amount of blood is much greater than the capacity of the cup.

Check the capacity of the glasses that you will find in the market. However, some manufacturers have launched models that can be used for hours without problem.


The last requirement before purchasing your menstrual cup is how long it lasts, there are more or less durable ones, for example the INTIMINA Lily Cup, lasts up to 10 years. Think that for pads and tampons this is the main problem, since they must be replaced continuously, after a few hours, and because they are not reusable. In addition, for this reason a greater expenditure of money is generated. He thinks that, on the contrary, a menstrual cup is worth more than a pack of tampons or sanitary pads, but it is a money that is invested only once and in the long run much less money is spent.

Why Lily Cup is the best menstrual cup

To finish talking about this product that will help you cope with menstruation better than conventional products and, at the same time, take care of the environment, we recommend the Lily Cup menstrual cup .

This meets all the requirements mentioned above, but in addition to being one of the best adaptable, it is made with ultra-soft medical grade silicone, has a capacity of up to 12 hours and does not dry out. Therefore, it is a perfect ecological alternative to traditional products. Go to the menstrual cup and forget about tampons and pads!

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