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What are the benefits of being in contact with nature

The protection of nature and the environment is one of the most important tasks that we have to fulfill if we want to preserve a habitable planet and our own health and well-being as a species. However, beyond these very fundamental aspects, it has been shown that, when we spend time in nature, our body feels benefited, which helps us improve our physical and mental health. In fact, experts recommend spending time in contact with nature, since the activities that we spend in the natural environment have direct and measurable advantages in our body. If you want to know what are the benefits of being in contact with nature, keep reading AgroCorrn and we will tell you about it.

Higher quantity and better quality of oxygen

One of the first benefits that we will enjoy by spending more time in nature is that we will enjoy a greater quantity and quality of oxygen . Oxygen is one of the gases that makes up the air and, specifically, it is the gas that animals and humans need to live, since it is the gas we breathe and from which we obtain the energy that keeps us alive. This gas is produced by plants, so in places like forests or the sea its concentration is much higher.

In addition, it must also be taken into account that, in nature, the quality of this oxygen is higher, since it is in urban centers where the greatest amount of air pollution is concentrated. This makes the quality of oxygen, and the air in general, that we breathe in nature much better. Therefore, spending long periods in contact with nature, or simply escaping a day to the mountains, will help us clean our lungs from the pollution of large cities, especially if we do aerobic exercises in nature.

Sport activities

Very closely linked to the best quality of oxygen that we find present in nature, it should also be noted that natural spaces are ideal places to practice exercise and sports . Therefore, it is a much more enjoyable way to lead an active and healthy life , so it also helps us improve our health from this point of view.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning that an active life, in which exercise or sports are carried out continuously and constantly, is the key to avoiding a multitude of diseases, especially all those related to being overweight or heart disease, as well as degenerative diseases or associated with premature aging.

Tranquility, one of the great benefits of being in contact with nature

However, the benefits of spending time in contact with nature are not limited to the merely physical aspect of our health. According to many studies, spending more time in contact with nature activates certain regions of our brain that are responsible for producing hormones such as serotonin and dopamine , substances that make us, so to speak, happy .

Likewise, the presence of these substances counteracts the effects of other substances such as cortisol, known as the stress hormone. Due to this, spending time in contact with nature helps us counteract stress and anxiety, achieving peace and tranquility of the mind , which is why nature is also presented as one of the best elements when it comes to guaranteeing our psychological health. .

In this other article we also talk about why nature gives us a feeling of freedom .

Contact with nature allows you to synthesize Vitamin D

It is true that spending time in the sun is harmful to health. However, doctors remember that, to synthesize vitamin D , it is necessary to spend at least 15 minutes a day in exposure to sunlight . In this way, spending time in nature is presented as one of the best ways to get the amount of this vitamin necessary to be healthy and strong.

In fact, vitamin D is associated with the proper development of muscles and bones, both in the growth phases and in adults who have to repair their tissues (for example, in people with osteoporosis). In other words, spending time in nature, in direct contact with natural light, helps us to have a younger and more resistant body.

Prevents myopia

Myopia is an eye problem that consists of the inability of the eye to correctly see objects that are further away. Recent studies have shown the relationship between myopic people and children who have had very little contact with nature .

In nature, spaces are considerably open, quite the opposite of urban spaces, where most of the time is spent inside buildings. When children spend more time in natural spaces, open spaces such as mountains, forests or beaches, their eyes develop better when they can observe objects at a greater variety of distances , which helps prevent myopia in adults.

Enjoy the beauty

Finally, we cannot fail to mention another of the most important benefits that nature offers us , which is something so simple, but at the same time so deep and rewarding, like being able to enjoy its beauty .

Observing natural spaces, as well as the biodiversity of plants and animals that these places offer, is one of the greatest pleasures that exist in life. Therefore, although it is not a benefit that can be measured in a specific way, it is one of the advantages that we should not disdain when it comes to spending more time in contact with nature since, the simple contemplation of beauty, constitutes one of the most comforting medicines and pleasures for the human being.

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