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The benefits of hugging trees

Hugging a tree seems ridiculous, but if it is, welcome be this blessed madness that, thus, suddenly, if only for thinking that it is nonsense, is helping us to smile and feel closer to the nature that surrounds us .

Far from being it, the custom of hugging a tree has something magical, of communion with nature. It goes back to the mists of time and is linked to the benefits that interacting with the green environment can provide us.

In this sense, hugging a tree is a beautiful and beneficial way to end a walk in the countryside or, why not, to start it. Any moment is “the moment”, that perfect moment to wrap our arms around a tree. In this AgroCorrn article, we explain what are the benefits of hugging trees.

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Positive energy and therapeutic power

There are many ancient cultures that consider the tree as a central part of life on Earth. Not in vain, from an evolutionary approach, the ancestors of the human being had their abode in them.

Those beliefs are considered today a rich wisdom, transmitted through generations, as, for example, occurs with Taoism, which considers the tree a fundamental piece of life. He also attributes healing powers to them.

There is a whole philosophy around this idea. The therapeutic powers of the tree range from charging us with good vibrations to its use as a remedy to cure ailments, attributing different properties to each type of tree.

Science proves it

Beyond ancient beliefs, scientists have also succumbed to the purported benefits of the green hug. There is much research that has focused on this issue, and countless studies have shown that being in contact with plants and trees is very beneficial on a mental and physical level.

“Blinded by Science” collects the results of these works and in it, its author, Matthew Silverstone, also scientifically proves the power of trees to improve concentration, relieve anxiety and help free us from negative thoughts.

In addition to the influence of a bucolic environment, the benefits are related to the vibrations that emanate from them. They are almost imperceptible vibrations, but our body does capture them, and it balances us on a biological level. By the way, where is a tree …?

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