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What is environmental engineering

Environmental Sciences have been a growing knowledge sector for several years now. However, there are other very interesting careers from which to contribute to the conservation and development of the environment, such as Environmental Engineering.

From AgroCorrn we tell you what environmental engineering is , why be an environmental engineer and where you can study this university degree.

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  1. Environmental engineering: what is it
  2. Where to study environmental engineering – universities
  3. Reasons to study environmental engineering

Environmental engineering: what is it

The environmental engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with studying environmental issues taking into account the contributions from various fields of knowledge such as chemistry, physics, biology, geology, sociology or economics. It is based on the design, application and management of technological processes, products and services to propose proposals and solutions for the prevention, control and remedy of problems related to the environment.

To give you an idea of ​​what is studied in this discipline, here we list some of the subjects included in the programs (the most general subjects are studied in the first years of the degree):

  • Calculation
  • Chemistry
  • Computing
  • biology
  • geology
  • Soil science
  • Geotecnia
  • Thermodynamics
  • Sampling and residue analysis

Where to study environmental engineering – universities

There are several universities that offer the career of Environmental Engineering . With the introduction of degrees in the Spanish territory, this career or degree may not receive exactly this name, but you can find similar ones.

Before choosing a university, we recommend that you follow some simple steps common to any choice about your professional training:

  • Is what I am going to study interesting to me ?: Studying a career in an area that is not attractive to us can be extremely tedious, and we will probably not obtain very good results.
  • Do I like the professional opportunities that this career has ?: If you don’t like the potential jobs that you can develop once you graduate from university, it may be better to rethink whether it is really worth choosing that path.
  • What are the real possibilities of hiring ?: If you cannot decide between two careers and one of them has a greater demand for work and fewer professionals available, perhaps it could become a good option.
  • Which university should I choose ?: Many people choose a university based on the cut-off mark of the degree in which they want to enroll, or the displacement to university, etc. While these two facets are very important, we also recommend that you search for different university rankings before applying for a place. Attending a prestigious university can greatly improve your academic resume. In addition, most universities offer research programs, scholarships and / or postgraduate internships; a good program can greatly condition your career possibilities. Finally, and depending largely on your capabilities and financial burdens, you can value attending a private or public university.

Next, we leave you a list of universities that offer Environmental Engineering in Spain :

  • University of the Basque Country (Vizcaya).
  • Polytechnic University of Madrid (Madrid).
  • San Jorge University (Zaragoza).
  • Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid).

Reasons to study environmental engineering

The reasons for studying a career are always very varied, and have an unequal weight depending on the person who applies, in this case, as a future environmental engineer. However, here are some good reasons to assess if you are thinking of studying environmental engineering (or if, in a moment of weakness, you need to remember why you started on this professional path):


Studying environmental science is not usually done for the sake of “making a quick buck” or for prestige. If you are interested in these questions, environmental engineering is a good way to enjoy the development of your professional career.

Conservation of the environment

Working in environmental engineering you have a direct impact on the sustainable development of the planet. Whether it is improving the design to reduce the environmental impacts of a civil work or carrying out external audits, you will contribute to the conservation of the environment. In any case, we recommend that you remain vigilant against companies embarking on “greenwashing” strategies, which consist of using environmental brands and labels to gain consumer trust without making a true commitment to conservation and sustainability goals .

Professional sector on the rise

Proposals that impact on sustainability have more and more weight in societies. A clear example is the rise of the Eurogroup Los Verdes in the last European elections, or the also recent FridaysForFuture movement. Faced with an increasingly threatened landscape and an increasingly aware civil society, the demand for workers specialized in environmental issues may increase. These jobs would be framed in the so-called “green jobs”. Here we tell you well what a green job is .

Impact on society

In addition to thinking in professional terms, we can think globally. If you participate or want to participate in any organization related to environmental conservation (associations, NGOs, political parties, etc.) you can contribute technical knowledge that, without a doubt, will be very well received.

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