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If what you are looking for is to know the different kinds of lilies that you have at your disposal because you are thinking of having some at home or simply out of curiosity, this AgroCorrn article will be of great help. We have made a list with some of the most popular and striking varieties of lilies so that you can choose between them and give a touch of color to your home. In addition, you will know what colors of lilies there are and what are the necessary and basic care for these spectacular flowering plants. So, if you want to discover 10 types of lilies , keep reading and look at the photos to know them in more detail.

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  1. Alstroemeria aurantiaca
  2. Lilium davidii
  3. Lilium
  4. Lilium lancifolium
  5. Lilium longiflorum
  6. Lilium martagon
  7. lily pyrenaicum
  8. Lilium
  9. oriental lily
  10. Zantedeschia aethiopica
  11. Basic care of lilies

Alstroemeria aurantiaca

Known as lily of the Incas , due to its origin in Peru, this lanceolate-leaved plant has various shades ranging from yellow to orange , and even pink . Its flowering time is in summer and it prefers well-drained and deep soils.

Lilium davidii

Also with large orange flowers , this type of lily can reach almost a meter in height. It is native to Central Europe and needs acid, neutral or alkaline pH soils for its optimal growth. It needs several daily irrigation doses to maintain the necessary humidity for greater flowering.


This type of lily is also known as a lily . Perennial type, it is one of the white lilies best known for the beauty of its flowers. It reaches a height of up to 70 centimeters, so we can grow it both in a pot and in the garden. In addition, it has a very characteristic aroma so it is usually used in bouquets. It grows every season, as long as we change the soil with the new bulbs produced each year.

Lilium lancifolium

The common name for this lily with orange flowers with black ends is tiger lily . This plant is highly valued for its exotic beauty and can reach 2 m in height. It is native to East Asia and blooms during the summer.

Lilium longiflorum

It is another of the best known white lilies and is native to Japan, specifically the Ryukyu Islands. Commonly called the white lily or Easter lily , it not only produces large and spectacular flowers, but also reaches up to a meter in height. You only need direct sunlight and well-drained soil so that during the summer it has a spectacular flowering.

Lilium martagon

One of the most used purple lilies for its ornamental value is known as the weeping lily. Despite its small size, no more than 50 cm tall, produces beautiful bouquets of flowers hanging ranging from violet , to pink and Purple to.

lily pyrenaicum

Also known as the lily of the Pyrenees , this herbaceous plant reaches more than a meter in height and produces a large number of flowers that are grouped in clusters of up to twelve flowers and have a wide chromatic range of warm tones. We will find it in shades like yellow, orange and even red . As a curious fact, it gives off a not very pleasant aroma so we do not recommend it as an indoor plant.


Originally from the southwest of China, it is one of the types of lilies that best adapt to different climates and soils, which is why it is cultivated all over the world. Its flowers are flared, and white with pink lines and a yellow center. It grows well in full sun, as long as the soil is moist and well-drained.

oriental lily

The Acapulco lily is a lily that stands out for the pleasant pink color of its flowers and for its pleasant aroma. This plant needs slightly acid soils to reach its maximum height; between 90 and 120 cm approximately.

Zantedeschia aethiopica

The coves , that’s how are commonly referred to such water lilies are one of the most used plants to create environments in landscaped areas where water is the main element. Originally from southern Africa, it is a plant that is cultivated for its ornamental value since it is widely used in bouquets for the elegance and shape of its white flowers.

Here you can learn about the care of the coves .

Basic care of lilies

The most important thing to know when caring for lilies are the following tips:

  • They need direct or indirect sunlight to achieve good flowering.
  • In the same way, although it can be kept in a garden or in a pot, it prefers fertile and well-drained soils. In addition to the universal substrate, we recommend that you use perlite to enrich the soil.
  • As for the watering of plants of this type, it must be abundant and continuous, since they need humidity to grow.
  • During spring and summer we recommend that you fertilize it at least once a month to promote its growth.
  • You can remove the dried leaves carefully and making sure that you do not leave open wounds to avoid future pests or diseases. The black aphid or botrytis ( Botrytis ) can be avoided if we follow these simple tips to take care of our lily.

In this short guide you can learn more about the care of lilies .

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