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10 cold and shade resistant outdoor plants

What are the cold hardy plants to have in your garden? If you are looking for ways to create your new garden or to remodel it and you have a lot of shady area and it is usually rather cold, then you need to know the different outdoor plants and flowers for this type of environment, and you have come to the right place. Although we also recommend that you consult your choice and the location of each of them with a professional, at AgroCorrn we show you a list of the 10 cold and shade resistant outdoor plants , with their names and photos.

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  1. Chrysanthemum
  2. Acebo
  3. Cyclamen or Persian violet
  4. Jasmine
  5. Col ornamental
  6. Durillo
  7. Heléboro
  8. Snowdrop or galantus
  9. Hebe or veronica
  10. Lavender


The first species that we recommend if you are looking for outdoor plants resistant to cold and shade is the well-known chrysanthemum or Chrysanthemum .

Chrysanthemums bloom with the arrival of autumn and its ideal temperature is between 10ºC and 15ºC. For this reason, we can consider that it is one of the outdoor plants resistant to low temperatures, although not to frost, and that it can be in the shade. Although it does need a lot of natural light, it does not need direct sunlight.

Another great advantage of this outdoor plant that needs little sun and heat is, and without a doubt one of the best, that there is a great variety of chrysanthemums , with colors such as pink, lilac, orange, white, yellow and mixed between them.


Scientifically called Ilex aquifolium , holly is one of the most characteristic plants of cold and shady climates, you will surely see it a lot at Christmas time. These are the typical dark or light green leaves with yellow or whitish lines and small red balls, which usually decorate homes at Christmas time.

In this case, although it can be potted indoors, the best thing for this species is to live planted in the soil outside. So, if you have a place in your garden where it is cold and there is shade , holly is definitely a great choice. This shrub is very decorative and also withstands even frost.

Learn how to take care of it with this AgroCorrn guide on Holly Care .

Cyclamen or Persian violet

If you are looking for flowering plants for the cold, Cyclamen is one of the best options because it blooms in the dead of winter . There are varieties of this type of Lantas cold outside and shade , there are smaller and bigger and even about which flowers reach up to 40 cm high. The dark green leaves of the cyclamen or Persian violet are in stark contrast to the colorful flowers, such as white, pink, violet, red and pink.

Here we show you a guide on Cyclamen Care and here below you can see the video about these plants with flowers resistant to cold and shade .


Among the most used outdoor flowering plants for cold and shade in gardens and terraces is the Jasminum officinale . Jasmine has small, dark green leaves and small, white flowers, but what I like most about this winter-resistant plant is its characteristic and sweet smell. There is another variety called Trachelospermum jasminoides that withstands the cold even better.

These are climbing plants , so you will have to place them in an area of ​​wall, wall, lattice or place sticks that act as a guide in their pot.

Col ornamental

A curious plant to have in the garden when you are not thinking of making a garden, but as its name suggests, this is for decoration or ornamental purposes, it is not edible like other cabbages. If you are looking for cold-resistant plants that are as decorative as possible, ornamental cabbage or Brassica oleracea is one of your best options.

If you choose it, you will have an area of ​​the garden with green colors of different tones, purples, pinks and whites with curly leaves. This plant can be up to 30 cm tall and it is great to plant several together in the ground or in planters.


The Viburnum tinus , commonly known as durill o, laurentino, wild laurel or marfull , is another good option that we recommend from AgroCorrn to decorate a shady garden with cold temperatures.

It has very green foliage and small white flowers and, in addition, it can grow to about 3 meters in height. Thus, if you are looking to fill a good space in your garden this is a good option and you will have beautiful white flowers during the winter. Of course, as it is a bush, it grows much better planted in the ground and somewhat isolated from other plants to be able to grow in all its splendor.


The hellebore or hellebore is also known as Helleborus , Christmas rose, Christmas rose or winter rose . It is another plant that stands out for withstanding the cold and shade very well, as well as its common names can make us understand. This plant of European and Asian origin exists in different varieties, there are them with white, yellow, purple, pink and even black flowers.

They are perfect to cover areas such as flowerbeds and, although they are fine in the shade, so that they bloom well and their flowers hold up as much as possible, it is best if they are in a place where there is natural light, even if the temperatures are cold.

Snowdrop or galantus

As its name suggests, the galantus, snowdrops or snowdrops is one of the best options to decorate with plants for cold and shady gardens .

It is advisable to plant several Galanthus nivalis together and they grow very well in grassy areas and in cold and snowy soils. Its name is due to the shape of its flowers, which look like bluebells, since the stem is bent and they look down, and they are white flowers . Although it supports dark and cold areas, it grows much better in areas with sun and shade and in low temperatures, as the heat does not withstand it very well.

Hebe or veronica

The plant scientifically called Hebe x franciscana and commonly hebe or veronica is another great option to have in temperate zone gardens where the minimums reach an average of 10ºC , but they cannot withstand hot or frosty temperatures. It is a plant native to several areas, such as South America, New Zealand, Australia, the Falkland Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Specifically, it is a shrub with elongated green leaves that is usually about 50 cm high on average. Its flowers are of colors such as pink, white, purple and red.


Finally, from AgroCorrn we recommend that when planting outdoors you think of lavender , which is one of the best cold-resistant plants. The Lavandula , in any species from the common or L. officinalis , the L. agustifolia , the L. vera and even lavender and others, is a wise choice if you want an area of the garden or terrace with spectacular color and a relaxing scent.

It is a plant that is cultivated in warm Mediterranean places, but withstands temperatures down to -15ºC . However, when the plant is kept in a rather cold area, it is not suitable for producing essential oil but it is suitable for decorating exteriors .

This plant is from warm climates and, although it withstands the cold very well, when it blooms in all its splendor it is in the warm spring and summer season, as it is one of the best garden plants with sun-resistant flowers that we also recommend in in case you have areas of high light and heat.

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