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How to take advantage of dead leaves and plants

Did you know that shredded plant debris can be used for compost p repair ? Since as a garden owner you must get rid of cuttings, it is best to use them to prepare compost and thus return valuable nutrients to the soil. Thanks to these, you will need to buy very little compost.

Withered summer plants, the remains of prolific hedges, annoying branches, bundles of flowers and vegetables or the litter that covers your lawn can be shredded and, with the shredded material, you can cover areas under trees and shrubs. In this way, you will prevent weeds from growing and will give your garden a clean and tidy appearance, among many other advantages. Keep reading this AgroCorrn article to know everything about how to take advantage of dead leaves and plants .

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  1. Effects of scattered shredded material
  2. The most natural fertilizer in the world
  3. Dry leaves

Effects of scattered shredded material

As we just told you, in nature, the remains of dead plants, such as leaves, serve as valuable protection and compost for the soil . For example, this natural cover protects against erosion in case of rain and in case of heat and frost it has an insulating effect.

But that’s not all: approximately a third less water evaporates from covered soil than from uncovered soil, microorganisms slowly disintegrate these plant debris and new humus and nutrients are formed; weed seeds cannot germinate and plants are protected from parasites and disease.

The most natural fertilizer in the world

The compost made from crushed plant remains returns the nutrients and trace elements already used to the ground and promotes soil activity like no other fertilizer. With compost the consistency of the soil is notably improved and, consequently, the plants become more resistant to parasites and grow faster.

In addition, composting saves money , since less compost must be purchased and the amount of waste that goes to the container is reduced.

Dry leaves

On the other hand, we recommend that you crush the litter and mix it with freshly cut grass. That way, the cut grass will receive air and the leaf debris will prevent it from compacting and rotting. In addition, the leaves contribute carbon to the nitrogen-rich grass debris.

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