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How can I help the environment

Often times, we find ourselves paralyzed by the question: what can I do, in my daily life, to help the planet? Is not easy. The care of the environment is a global issue, as clearly seen climate change, without going any further, but actions must be local. On the other hand, it is useless for some to try to lead an ecological life if others do not, be they companies, governments or individuals.

Caring for the environment does not understand political color, or social classes, or rich or poor countries because it affects us all, something that many world leaders, politicians and businessmen refuse to see. All facets of our life are related to the environment: from food to transport, through the use of energy or waste management. At AgroCorrn, we show you how you can help the environment .

  1. Using clean and renewable energy to help the environment
  2. Reduce pollution to help the planet
  3. Don’t waste food
  4. Do not waste water to protect the environment
  5. Produce less waste and manage what there is well

Using clean and renewable energy to help the environment

Energy is omnipresent in life. If you are reading this, you are using energy to turn on your computer, tablet or mobile screen. Energy has allowed the development of humanity and a better quality of life. It’s not about going back to the caverns and using fire. But there is no doubt that we have to use less energy and generate it from clean and renewable sources. The age of fossil fuels has to end (in fact, whether we like it or not, since at some point all reserves will run out). The sooner and faster we make that transition, the better. Climate change does not allow us to wait any longer.

In daily life, a person must take responsibility for the energy he consumes. Think, in every act of your daily life, even the smallest and anodyne, if you can save energy : from turning off the light in the rooms when leaving or turning off electrical appliances instead of leaving them on standby to wondering if it is necessary to continue using car and burning hydrocarbons.

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Reduce pollution to help the planet

Also closely related to fossil fuels . Vehicle smoke pollutes large cities, while coal-burning factories and power plants can pose a country’s biggest problem and make its air literally unbreathable, as is the case in China.

But pollution is not just the pollution of cities. Also in the rivers, the sea, the animals we eat … All this affects human health, causing diseases such as asthma and heart attacks. Again, clean energies are the solution (solar, wind, geothermal …). Using the car only if there is no other option and not throwing garbage into rivers and oceans, which means not throwing used oil down the kitchen sink, would be essential actions.

Don’t waste food

On the planet we are more than 7,000 million mouths to feed and rising. The planet is finite, so, logically, you cannot produce food to infinity, no matter how much technology advances. It is necessary not to waste food and distribute it better. Tons of good food is thrown away every day as millions of people starve.

Not a gram of food should be wasted. On the other hand, organically grown food does not harm the environment as much as industrial crops. If possible, eat organic and local (bringing food from far away pollutes). In addition, you will eat healthier.

Do not waste water to protect the environment

If food is not to be wasted, even less water, the most valuable resource on the planet. Bottled water is imported from thousands of kilometers away, which is doubly harmful to the environment: not using the one that is close and is drinkable and the contamination that is produced by the transfer. In rich countries, each person consumes hundreds of liters a day while in some poor countries they don’t even have access.

Not a drop of water can be wasted. Check your faucet so that it does not leak. Also, if possible, it is better to consume plain and non-bottled water . Some cities do it by law, prohibiting the entry of bottled water. You must also reuse the water from the toilets and collect rainwater for irrigation.

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Produce less waste and manage existing waste well

The best garbage is that which is not generated. Glass, glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, waste to be processed, which is very energy consuming We must reduce the use of plastic bags and, in general, of all packaging. Everything that can be reused should be reused and, what is not, must be disposed of in the appropriate container for proper recycling.

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