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Plants in danger of extinction in Paraguay

Paraguay is a small country but with a great variety of landscapes that are reflected in 7 ecoregions: Dry Chaco, Humid Chaco, Pantanal, Cerrado, Atlantic Forest, Mesopotamian Grasslands and Central Paraguay. Each of these ecoregions presents a unique diversity of plant species, but sadly, many of them are at risk of extinction due to the threats posed by overexploitation, habitat loss and fragmentation, climate change, among other problems.

What are the plant species that are in danger of extinction in Paraguay? In this AgroCorrn article we will answer this question since we will mention more than 80 plants in danger of extinction in Paraguay . We invite you to continue reading.


The perobá or palo rosa , whose scientific name is Aspidosperma polyneuron , is one of the native trees of Paraguay . It is typical of the Atlantic Forest ecoregion in the east of the country and is characterized by having a pinkish wood and reaching a height greater than 40 meters.

Through the years it has been exploited for the attractiveness of its woods for construction. Excessive exploitation led to its being in danger of extinction today.

Pine stop

The paraná pine ( Araucaria angustifolia ) , like the perobá, is characteristic of the Paraguayan Atlantic Forest ecoregion. It is a very long-lived species, its life span is between 200 to 300 years , therefore they are slow growing. Due to the indiscriminate logging carried out during the last century, today the Paraná pine populations are in danger of extinction .

Palmito or jeruti

As its name indicates, the palm heart ( Euterpe edulis ) is the palm tree from which the palm heart is extracted. Like the other specimens mentioned, it belongs to the Atlantic Forest ecoregion. Unfortunately, massive deforestation and excessive cutting of their specimens to obtain hearts of palm, have determined that the species is now in danger of extinction.

Tajy hu or lapacho

Its common name, tajy hu comes from the Guaraní. This species Tabebuia heptaphylla ) , along with other species of lapacho , were declared as ” national tree of Paraguay “. Massive deforestation is the main threat to the species. However, according to the Red Lists of the Union for Conservation of Nature, it is not classified as endangered. However, measures are required to curb their threats to precisely prevent the species from becoming extinct.


The prickly pear ( Gymnocalycium paraguayense ) is a typical cactus of the dry Chaco ecoregion , northwest of Paraguay. Their populations are vulnerable to extinction due to loss of habitat and also because they are extracted from ecosystems to later be commercialized as ornamental plants.

Cedar or ygary

The scientific name for cedar is Cedrela fissilis . This species has a reddish wood with characteristics conducive to construction. Its exploitation has led to the cedar populations being in danger of extinction . In Paraguay, this species is very important for Tobatí artisans.

Ybyra piriri guasu

The ybyra piriri guasu ( Amburana cearensis ) is an endangered species due, firstly, to the loss of habitat and, secondly, because of the interest that its wood causes to make furniture, cabinetry and construction. This tree, in particular, is characterized by having an orange-brown bark and reaching heights of 35 meters.

Guatambu or yvyra ñeti

The guatambú ( Balfourodendron riedelianum ) is a native tree of the Chaco ecoregion. In Paraguay, this species is economically important as it has suitable characteristics for carpentry. Its wood is whitish in color and unfortunately it has been very overexploited , thus causing the species to be in danger of extinction.

Palo santo or yvyra okai

The palo santo, ibiocaí or vera Bulnesia sarmientoi ) is a characteristic tree of the Paraguayan Chaco. Its wood has wide uses, from extraction of essential oils to perfumes and repellants and also for construction. In addition, this tree has a very important role within the culture of native peoples. Currently this species is in danger of extinction due to the overexploitation of its specimens.

Other plants in danger of extinction in Paraguay

Next we will list more species of native plants of Paraguay that are in danger of extinction .

  • Urende`y picha`i ( Astronium balansae )
  • Peltastes stemmadeniiflorus
  • Rhodocalyx rotundifolius
  • Quina de Monte ( Rauvolfia sellowii )
  • Attalea guaranitica
  • Bactris glaucescens
  • Butia compicola
  • Butia campylospatha
  • Butia exertispadix
  • Butia marmorii
  • Trithrinax brasiliensis
  • Baccharis isabelae
  • Ka`a he`e ( Stevia rebaudiana )
  • Begonia halansea
  • Begonia fiebrigii
  • Begonia obovatistipulata
  • Begonia subvillosa var. lectotrichia
  • Tajy say`ju ( Tabebuia pulcherrima )
  • Zeyheria tuberculosa
  • Peterivy ( Cordia trichotoma )
  • Fosterella rojasii
  • Carnation air ( Tillandsia Aeranthos ; Tillandsia arhiza ; Tillandsia Duratii var. Confused ; esseriana Tillandsia )
  • Cactus or Prickly Pear ( Discocactus heptacanthus subsp. Magnimamus )
  • Tuna pe ( Frailea cataphracta )
  • Cactus or prickly pear ( Gymnocalycium euryplerum ; Gymnocalycium paediophilum )
  • Cactus or prickly pear ( Parodia nigrispina )
  • Yvy`a ( Jacaratia corumbensis )
  • Cangorosa ( Maytenus ilicifolia )
  • Chachi ( Alsophila cuspidata )
  • Chachi ( Trichipteris atrovirens )
  • Chachi ( Cyathea delgadii )
  • Horsetail ( Equisetum giganteum )
  • White timbo ( Ateleia glazioveana )
  • Parrot pysa ( Dimorphandra mollis )
  • Barnebian mimosa
  • Yvyra paje ( Myrocarpus peruiferum )
  • Red incense ( Myroxylon peruiferum )
  • Ynambu jety ( Sinningia amambayensis )
  • Arary ( Calophyllum brasiliense )
  • Ka`avo tory ( Hypericum connatum )
  • Paraguayan rhubarb ( Trimezia martii )
  • Ka`i kay gua ( Cariniana estrellalensis )
  • Sarsaparilla ( Herreria montevidensis )
  • Cedar ( Cedrela angustifolia )
  • Myrcia gemniflora
  • Catuaba ( Psidium cinereum )
  • Chive Orchid ( Oncidium ; Oncidium jonesianum )
  • Orchid ( Phymatidium delicatulum )
  • Orchid ( Sophronitis cernua )
  • Chachi poty ( Zygopetalum maxillare )
  • Jatevu ka`a ( Peperomia cyclophylla ; Peperomia rotundifolia ; Peperomia tetraphylla )
  • Jaguarundi ( Piper regnellii )
  • Potamogeton striatus
  • Doradilla ( Hemionitis rufa )
  • Prunus douglasii
  • Prunus ravenii
  • Quillay ( Quillaja brasiliensis )
  • Simira sampaioana
  • Escobedia grandiflora
  • Pire`ro ( Picrasma crenata )
  • Ky`yi ( Capsicum flexuosum )
  • Piriquete subsessilis
  • Piriqueta ochroleuca
  • Turnera grandidentata
  • Turnera aurelli

Now that you have discovered more than 80 endangered plant species in Paraguay, you may also want to meet 34 endangered animals in Paraguay .

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