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Emotional ecology is an expression that refers to fundamental aspects for a healthy life in harmony with oneself and with the environment understood in a broad sense.

We owe the term to Mercè Conangla and Jaume Soler, experts in humanistic psychology and emotional management, who coined it in 2002. Basically, from a practical approach, emotional ecology allows us to manage our feelings by channeling their energy to build a happy and sustainable life. creatively or uniquely.

Living beings and nature

The ecology emotional is fundamental to different principles, all designed to create a responsible consciousness towards oneself and what surrounds us. Among other principles, it refers to the principle of freedom (ability to discern and decide), responsibility (ability to control what depends on us), respect (respect oneself and not invade, that is, respect what is different), prevention (behavior that creates and contributes well-being) or the principle of conservation as a preferable alternative to regeneration.

Coherence is also advocated as an exercise in expressing true thinking and our authentic feelings . An interesting way of being in the world or, what is the same, of living on this planet. Undoubtedly, this coherence is closely related to how the principle of uniqueness, which alludes to our great mistake has been to believe that humanity could live disconnected from other living beings. On the contrary, in addition to our social facet, we are part of a natural ecosystem and we owe ourselves to it.


Mind and emotion work together to guide our actions in order to improve our person in individual terms and also as part of social systems . In this way, as important are the values ​​of responsibility as the awareness of the global emotional impact.

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