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What is biodecoding of diseases and what does each one mean

What is biodecoding of disease

You may have heard of specifically dental biodecoding or other forms such as biological decoding or decoding and even more specifically of biological decoding of diseases. Do you know what it is about? Do you know a little about what the subject is about but want to find out well? Then keep reading this AgroCorrn article with which we want to shed a little light on these terms that, every time, are more present in our day-to-day because more people are talking about it every minute. The connection between emotions and the body, diseases …

Next, learn what the biodecoding of diseases is and what each of them means according to it.

What is biodecoding of diseases: definition

The biodecodification, or biological decoding for some, is a pseudoscience because it has not been shown any of it so purely scientific, at the least not yet. On the other hand, it is much more for other people, and it is a different current from conventional science. Still, it does not have to be an alternative because, for these people, there is no reason to use only one or the other, but both types can be used in a complementary way to help people and even join with other sciences and medicines.

To define it, we can say that this different current tries to unravel the emotional meaning of diseases. The biodecoding dictionary or diseases and their emotional meaning can help us understand it thoroughly. For this reason, below, we will talk more about it and the meaning of some diseases and conditions in this field.

Difference between biodecodification and bioneuroemotion

Bioneuroemotion is somewhat more recent, but you may have started to hear this term as well. But what is the difference between biodecoding and bioneuroemotion?

Main characteristics of biodecoding

  • The vision is dual.
  • Biological.
  • Her goal is to find behavioral solutions to improve physical and mental health.

Main characteristics of bioneuroemotion

  • The vision is not dual.
  • Humanistic.
  • Its objective is to expand the individual’s own consciousness.
  • It is a way of life, an attitude.

Biodecoding of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic and complex disease that causes great fatigue and general pain, closely linked to stress and many diseases. This affects those who suffer from it both physically, emotionally, psychologically, and socially since, on many occasions, it becomes disabling.


For biodecophication, fibromyalgia is directly related to emotional or internal pain, with the feeling of helplessness, with problems in family relationships, and with relationships or ties that have been broken and were very important for the person suffering from it. Thus, all these aspects trigger a series of emotions and feelings that can favor or cause the appearance of this chronic disease.

Biodecoding of headaches and migraines

A severe headache and, above all, migraines are considered one of the most frequent conditions that can be very disabling. For the biological decoding of diseases, migraines are multi-causal or, in other words, several causes and multiple factors produce them.

Thus, according to this current, migraines and severe headaches are linked to a high level of stress, prolonged nervous tension, frustration (this being common due to sexual dissatisfaction), excessive self-criticisms, fear, self- invalidation, resistance to the passage and flow of life (denial) and even more physical aspects such as habitual constipation and food intolerances and allergies.

Hypertension in biodecoding

For current medical science, high blood pressure can be due to various factors, from a genetic factor to stress, excess salt in the diet, and even prolonged stress or acute but elevated stress. However, hypertension is also linked to something more emotional than stress can become for this other trend.

For the biological decoding of diseases, hypertension occurs in people who do not face the problems, or in some cases if the high blood pressure has been temporary, or in people who shy away from conflicts in which they are already involved, and that should be solved.

Biodecodification of back pain

Back pain and problems can be very diverse, caused by genetics, poor posture, prolonged tension and stress, bad gestures, and so on.

But, in addition, the biodecodiciation of back pain indicates that it is given by a feeling of having been or being little supported by loved ones or by society, being more frequent in the upper part of the back, also due to coping with more stress and load than can be borne, which is more reflected in the middle and lower back.

Biodecoding of sore throat

For this current to unravel the meaning of diseases, having a sore throat, laryngitis or aphonia, implies that there is tension in this area and a great need to express something but fear to do it, feeling incapacity for it and, therefore, a blockage physical that manifests itself at the level of the throat and vocal cords.

Hemorrhoids in biodecoding

Finally, another of the most common diseases in the world that we do not want to stop talking about in this simple introductory biodecoding dictionary is hemorrhoids or piles.

This inflammation of the blood vessels in the anal and rectal area, for the biological decoding of diseases and conditions, means that there is constant tension, fear or fear of expressing oneself, letting go or being uninhibited and, even, there may be a feeling of anger for it and for others aspects of the past, whether distant or recent, producing disability and blockage that affects circulation in this area of ​​the body and, surely, others.

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