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The importance of environmental responsibility in companies

In the capitalist world that we live in, the environmental responsibility of companies is almost the cornerstone that determines the greater or lesser health of the planet. Its importance is such that it affects both the positive or negative impact of a decision or product and the repair of possible damage caused to the environment. But there is still a long way to go to get the balance to tip on the side of much-needed sustainability. In this AgroCorrn article, we explain the importance of environmental responsibility in companies.

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Why is environmental responsibility important in a company

Laws, citizen awareness, business … There are many points that must increase their degree of commitment so that the environmental responsibility of organizations is something more than just paper. This is not always the case, and the recent trials held for the Gulf of Mexico spill demonstrate this, but neither can it be said that the strategies or measures to avoid environmental impact are sufficient.

Not surprisingly, companies are the main pollutants on the planet, so the requirement to carry out sustainable practices or processes is more than necessary, although these depend very much on the country in which they are located. Thus, indirectly, your environmental responsibility is actually a political issue. In short, an issue of all, on which depend key problems such as greenhouse gas emissions or environmental disasters caused by oil leaks or toxic spills, without going any further.

Degradation and deaths

The environmental irresponsibility of companies also has a very direct impact on the disappearance of species and the degradation of natural areas , as well as on public health, in this case either through atmospheric, water or soil pollution that triggers deaths by millions around the world.

That is why a restrictive environmental regulation is transcendental to preserve the balance in all the indicated fields, to stop, to stop as far as possible the excessive economic interest. Well understood, environmental responsibility should be a mechanism that allows combining economic benefit and environmental sustainability in a harmonious way. Today, leaving aside honorable exceptions, the reality is not at all optimistic, although the relevance of an environmental commitment as a way to improve the corporate image and, therefore, profits cannot be denied.

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