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Iceland is the cleanest country in the world

Iceland has been named as the cleanest country in the world, in an environmental status ranking among 163 countries presented by researchers from various American universities, based on more than 20 aspects, including air quality and the emission of polluting gases.

The study also takes into account the protection of the habitat and the environmental impact on the health of the population, in that sense more than half of the first 30 places awarded correspond to the European continent and only three fell to nations located in Latin America. Thus, Iceland is the cleanest country in the world , but other countries are on the right track to achieve it as well. Discover more, below, with AgroCorrn.

The cleanest countries in the world

As we have commented, the record, according to this study, has been taken by Iceland , but there are more countries well positioned on this list. For example, Switzerland ranks second and Costa Rica third in the list of cleanest countries on the planet . They complete up to the tenth place: Sweden, Norway, Mauritius, France, Australia, Cuba and Colombia, in that order, while the United States, was in 61 position.

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