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The 10 rarest animals in Australia

There is a quantity of biodiversity on Earth that we are not really aware of yet. For example, only in the area of ​​Australia we can already find innumerable surprising and strange plant and animal species, also some of them very dangerous. Some of the strangest animals on this part of the planet are octopuses, sharks, jellyfish, spiders, crickets, crocodiles, small mammals, and many more.

In AgroCorrn we show you this list with photos and names of the 10 rarest animals in Australia . Be amazed!

Sea wasp, one of the rarest and most dangerous animals in Australia

The first strange animal on this list is the sea or marine wasp, scientifically called Chironex fleckeri , and also commonly known as the box or chest jellyfish . The strangest thing about its appearance is the transparency and its long tentacles, but without a doubt the strangest thing about this marine animal is that it is considered the deadliest animal in Australia . The reason is in its tentacles, which have thousands of small harpoons with which it injects poison.

This poison is very dangerous and even deadly to a large number of animals, including humans, so urgent medical attention is needed in case of a sea wasp sting.

Sydney spider

The Sidney spider or Atrax robustus is one of the most poisonous spiders in the world and, in fact, it is the most poisonous spider in Australia . As we can see in the image below, it has the appearance of the typical spider that scares us, as it can measure up to 7 cm, it is dark and with small hairs and it has well visible fangs with which it injects a poison that is very toxic and affects the nervous system.

If you don’t want to meet this strange and dangerous Australian arachnid, avoid the east coast of Australia.

Mole cricket, one of the rarest Australian animals

Also called Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa and commonly grillotalpa or onion scorpion is another of the rarest animals that you can find in Australia . Although it is not originally from there, it was exported a long time ago. It really is native to North Africa and Western Europe.

As we see in the photo below, it has an unusual appearance for a cricket, it is also large in size and has underground habits, hence its name related to moles. In this strange species the males are smaller than the females, specifically the females measure between 40 and 46 mm and the males between 35 and 41 mm.

Despite their strange appearance, they are totally harmless to people and other large animals.

Port jackson shark

The Heterodontus portusjacksoni is a really strange looking shark, as it is a horned shark with nocturnal habits. We can find the amazing port Jackson shark mainly off the coasts of southern Australia.

Its strange appearance is due to the proportion of its head and pectoral fins, the ridges that it has over the eyes (which make it a horned shark) and the colors it has, since it has black spots in the form of lines on the gray color of his skin. In addition, they can exceed one and a half meters in length.

Eel shark, a very rare marine animal

Undoubtedly, the eel shark, gorgera shark or chlamine is also one of the strangest sharks that we can see in Australian waters and in other parts of the world. This other shark is one of the rarest animals in Australia for being between a shark and an eel, as its name suggests. Scientifically called Chlamydoselachus anguineus , it is a very strange marine animal because it is long, it can measure up to 4 m, and because it has unusual teeth.

It can be found in the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, including the coasts of Australia, although they are not common to see.

Blue ringed octopus

Among the strange cephalopods found in Australian waters, we highlight the blue-ringed octopus or Hapalochlaena , among which there are several species. Both the image below and the main image in this article are of blue-ringed octopuses, which, as we can see, have a body of a shade between yellow and brown and are covered with rounds or rings of different sizes in a very showy blue color. It is no coincidence that these bright colors look, as they are one of the most poisonous animals there is. They live in the pools of seawater in the Pacific Ocean

A curious fact is that they are small octopuses , in fact they are the size of a golf ball. Another curiosity is that, like all octopuses, they are one of the most intelligent animals. You can learn more about this in this other AgroCorrn article about The 10 most intelligent animals in the world .

Sugar glider

The glider of sugar, possums sugar or sugar glider is an animal ever known, as more and more people are looking for a pet for her adorable appearance, which is a serious error because they have special needs that can only cover well in their natural state and in a few years their wild population has been reduced considerably, which leads them to extinction faster. Found in eastern and northern parts of Australia, they are nocturnal animals , living in trees and living in groups of up to 10 individuals.

Its colors and appearance similar to that of flying squirrels, but especially its large eyes, give it a sweet appearance as well as strange.

Saltwater crocodile

The crocodiles saltwater or Crocodylus porosus are one of the rarest animals in Australia see. You will think that they have the appearance of any other crocodile, but if it looks like a prehistoric reptile in itself, it is not enough, keep in mind that it is one that lives in the sea and some oceans and, in addition, it is the animal with the bite strongest in the world . Specifically, saltwater crocodiles exert a force of about 270 kg per cm2.

In addition, they exceed 6 meters in length and 1,000 kg. In fact, the largest saltwater crocodile on record was a male 8.5 meters long and 1.7 tonnes, or 1,700 kg, found in Queensland. Another curious fact that makes this crocodile a special animal is that, thanks to its size, shape and strength, it can advance up to 4 m with a single movement of its tail and reach nothing at a speed of 43 km / h.

Poisonous cone snail

Did you know that there are poisonous snails? The cone snails , among which there are several species are venomous marine animals and are distributed in different areas of the oceans of the world, for example they can be found in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. The venom of this snail can be fatal to a person and they inject it with a harpoon or frontal horn that they keep and take out when needed.

In recent years it was classified as one of the rare marine animals in danger of extinction , but currently it has been indicated that the evolution of the population is stable.

Blue penguins, rare little Australian animals

Finally, another of the rarest animals in Australia are the blue penguins . They are very beautiful, but they also have characteristics that other penguins on the whole planet do not have, because apart from their small size even as adults, these flightless birds have a bluish plumage that is perfectly distinguished when sunlight hits them, although when they get wet to see a dark plumage.

Also called Eudyptula minor or little penguins or fairy penguins , these small flightless birds inhabit southern Australia and Tasmania, as well as the coasts of the Chatham Islands and New Zealand.

Of course, there are many more rare animals in Australia, but this has been a really amazing selection of 10. Other strange Australian animals are the wombat, the quokka , the platypus and the koala, although some seem quite normal to us because we have known them for a long time, they have really curious aspects and habits.

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