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The 10 smartest animals in the world

Within the kingdom of animals, we find very different organisms, but they all possess what we call intelligence, which can be instinctive or rational. It is not easy to make a list of the most intelligent animals , since a large number of factors must be taken into account, such as the ability to solve problems of thought, understanding, information processing or reasoning.

Therefore, although there are different degrees of intelligence, it is possible to highlight some animals over others. In this AgroCorrn article we present the 10 most intelligent animals in the world , leaving aside the human being.

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The octopus

The octopus is one of the most intelligent marine animals known, right after the dolphins. It is also curious because it is rare for an invertebrate to be on this list. For example, one of the largest species of octopus in the world, Enteroctopus dofleini , use their arms to investigate, feel or recognize textures that they later remember and use to get food. These animals have been shown to possess a high degree of neurological development and a high capacity for learning . It has also been seen that octopuses have high abilities to survive and adapt to their environment, even being able to uncover jars.


Pigeons are widely used in research and some of these investigations have revealed a great deal of information about this bird, such as its intellectual abilities. One of their most striking abilities is their ability to remember images until years later , identify themselves in mirrors and travel long distances, and for this reason, pigeons were historically used for messaging.

The pig

Pigs, both wild and domestic, are able to adapt to a wide variety of ecological conditions and survive. They are capable of living in almost all climates and ecosystems, which is why it is chosen by many people as a pet. This, added to its survival capabilities, makes the pig compete with native species, where it has been introduced.

In addition, various investigations have shown that pigs are highly intelligent animals , some even more so than some dogs.

The Raven

Crows are the most intelligent birds that exist. Common ravens ( Corvus corax ) have high intelligence, unique communication methods, high memory, a kind of empathy towards members of the same species, the ability to form stable social ties, a developed language and problem-solving skills . All this, without a doubt, allows him to occupy a place in this list of the most intelligent animals in the world.

The squirrel

It is an animal that has the ability to retain great graphic information and memory, it is also capable of performing tricks and developing strategies that allow it to feed and survive. As is known, squirrels are small animals that are capable of collecting, storing and rationing food for times when they are scarce.


They are animals with a very high capacity to memorize and remember . In addition, elephants clean the food they are going to eat and use nature’s tools. Very well known are the cases of elephants that learn to follow orders that are taught to them, but it has also been seen that they are capable of showing understanding and compassion towards smaller species in size and not only for their own.


They are one of the most intelligent and faithful animals that exist, although there are variations between races. Dogs have the ability to understand words, interpret verbal and physical languages , use logical reasoning or have a great memory. The capacities that a dog develops will also depend on its mental stimulation during its first years of life, especially during the first months. In addition to this, they also have capacities to understand man and other species, relating to them or feeling emotions such as pain, joy, fear or anxiety, very clearly even for us.

The chimpanzee

The chimpanzee is an animal that has a high intellectual capacity , considering itself the most intelligent after humans . Chimpanzees are able to use tools, hunt, gather their food, develop social roles, communicate by signals, elaborate a sophisticated language or have a great memory. However, what is most surprising about these animals is that they are able to use symbols and give them a meaning or reference to other objects or use various sequences of objects to convey ideas. The bonobo is one such example.

The dolphin

It is the most intelligent marine animal . They are very social animals that form large communities, they are also capable of solving various situations and problems , have a sophisticated and complex language, use tools and develop various hunting or defense strategies. A curiosity is that they have sex for pleasure.

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The horse is a very intelligent animal , in fact it has been shown that it has an emotional system very similar to that of man . They are curious and adventurous animals and have the ability to remember experiences and places.

As in dogs, their intelligence varies depending on the breed and the stimulation they receive. They are very sensitive and emotional animals , they are able to understand words and understand emotions in human beings and it is a noble and very faithful animal. All these characteristics make them ideal animals for therapies. However, a horse that spends its life locked in a box , understandably, has poor intellectual development.

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