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As early as 1910, Albert Einstein said that the healing properties of the Davos mountain air were due to the electricity in the air. Air contains molecules of nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc. Each of these molecules contains atoms. Atoms lose or gain electrons and are then called ions: if they have gained electrons, they will have a negative electrical charge; On the other hand, if they lose electrons, their electrical charge will be negative. In this AgroCorrn article, we talk about negative ions in nature.

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What are ions

Positive and negative ions exist naturally in the air we breathe and in a balanced, that is, healthy atmosphere, they are in a ratio of one positive to four negatives. Ions are produced spontaneously in nature for different reasons: by waterfalls, by meteorological phenomena (storms, lightning, winds, etc.), by radiation from the earth, by cosmic radiation and by many other causes.

Ions make electricity in the earth’s atmosphere; This electricity is essential for life since, according to various experiments carried out with animals and plants in an atmosphere without static electricity, animals die in a short time and plants do not grow.

Positive and negative ionization

The positive ionization air is harmful to humans, animals and plants. For human beings it can cause tiredness, headache, drowning, allergies, a tendency to depression, nervousness, insomnia … The excess of positive ions occurs in all cities because air pollution destroys negative ions. Negative ions predominate in the countryside and in the mountains.

Positive ions are formed by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, cosmic rays, dry winds from the south, the friction of air masses that occurs before a storm … But we humans also produce them with pollution atmospheric, air conditioning, television screens (which can produce a field of 20,000 volts) and computers, mobile phones, synthetic fibers …

The negative ionization of the air benefits us , as it improves our mood and bodily functions. Negative ions are formed by electrical discharges from lightning, by the chlorophyll function of plants and by the emission of natural radioactivity from the earth. In mountains there are many negative ions: rock strata are more radioactive than common crust. Moving water produces many negative ions (showers, fountains, waterfalls, waterfalls, the seashore) because when the water collides and the drop splits, the lightest part, which is the one we breathe, is negatively charged (Effect Lenard).

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