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Mexico produces 9 billion plastic bottles every year

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico (Semarnat) has calculated that, each year, 9,000 million PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles are produced in that country. Of the total, some 900 million of them pollute forests and rivers when they are thrown by those who spend a day in the field.

Work has been done on this problem since last year. Thus, the Secretariat signed an agreement with the Confederation of Industrial Chambers to collect bottles and supported the measure with 50 million pesos to help install 17 plastic collection plants. Since November, 36 million bottles have been collected, which represents only 0.4% of the total produced. Keep reading this AgroCorrn article if you want to know why Mexico produces 9,000 million plastic bottles each year .

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Types of plastic objects

All kinds of objects and containers can be found on a nature walk in Mexico: plastic buckets, plastic containers of household cleaning liquids, plastic bars, gallons of milk, plastic chairs, bottles, as well as magazines , books, notebooks, containers with a capacity for twenty liters. All of this can be sold in one of the markets in Mexican cities.

A profitable business

Some businesses collect this waste and then sell it . What cannot be sold (and many containers made with PET cannot be sold) are sent to other parts of the country. Margarita, head of one of these businesses, points out that the culture of recycling must be instilled among the Mexican population. A lot of garbage is thrown away, not only in the countryside, but also in the city. It is even launched from trucks. A garbage that, when it comes to plastic, will remain in the environment for decades.

For this worker and housewife, it is essential that the children grow up knowing the culture of recycling , because, in reality, they are going to be the maximum beneficiaries. One of the most polluting materials is PET, a type of plastic raw material derived from petroleum scientifically called polyethylene terephthalate or polyethylene terephthalate. It is used in many industries, but mainly in rigid containers such as carbonated and natural drinks, bottled water and, in general, all kinds of liquid.

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