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Melissa is one of the plants that are best used for cooking since its leaves add a light touch of lemon to any dish, so it is ideal to use in soups, meats, stews, desserts, fish and even salads. In addition, it has essential oils, so they help you relax and relieve stress, especially if you make infusions with them.

It is also very good to combat insomnia, palpitations and even to relieve the pain that menstruation usually causes in women. If you plant it in a pot and take good care of it from the cold that it does in winter, you will be able to enjoy it all year round, so always try to give it the necessary care. Next in AgroCorrn we will talk to you about all the lemon balm care . Take note!

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How to care for lemon balm

Take note of the lemon balm care so that you can always have it in perfect condition:

  • Watering : It has to be scarce and during the hottest months of the year it will be enough to water it once a week. In the winter months you can even not water it if it usually rains where you live, although try not to get too watery but it is a little humid. If you grow it in a pot, it is good that you water it a little more during the winter or that you take it outside when it rains.
  • Light : Melissa adapts to almost any lighting condition, although it is recommended that the leaves be in a semi-shaded area as this will help them develop better and have a much higher quality.
  • Soil : Choose one that has good drainage and is rich in organic matter, although if this is not possible, do not worry since this plant also adapts to very sandy and poor areas, such as the edges of the roads that you have in the garden and that it is an ideal place to plant them.
  • Multiplication : It is achieved by cuttings in spring and autumn, although you can also get it thanks to the technique of division of kills a year after growing it. If you choose to sow seeds, it is best to do it during the summer as they need a lot of heat to germinate.
  • Fertilizer : Once a year you should put a small dose of organic fertilizer. Always do it when spring begins.

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