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Since some are decades being human has begun to see the consequences of their actions on the ecosystem: climate change, resource scarcity, deforestation, pollution, and a series of cruel realities that have blackened the health of our planet.

Parallel to this terrible situation, a culture in favor of caring for nature has emerged in part of society . An ecological conscience whose cornerstone is based on respect for the environment and the total conviction of encouraging sustainable development.

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  1. Green businesses: opportunities for the future
  2. Ecology and business
  3. Ecology and business environment

Green businesses: opportunities for the future

We have previously seen the importance of shifting the business line towards sustainability ; demonstrate an implication in environmental factors in the final product, brings the company brand closer to customers.

For this reason the businesses managed, administered by and for the sustainable concept have opened a huge field of business. Respect for the environment has generated a universe of potential clients to cover and the possible businesses to carry out this work are very diverse. Below we are going to list a series of green businesses, whose viability and future seem to have solid arguments:

  • Organic Food. Food is undoubtedly one of the concepts in which the population has begun to be more aware. Organic food is one whose products have been treated using so-called “organic” procedures: absence of pesticides, fertilizers, fattening feed, without synthetic products, etc. The range of business possibilities generated by organic food is very varied:
  • Ecological products online store. Offering organic products on the web has become a very profitable business: fruits, vegetables, coffee, bread, flours, chocolates, etc. the list of products becomes innumerable.
  • Ecological agriculture. Grow our own products in an ecological way and sell them wholesale and different customers. Many entrepreneurs have decided to divert their business to the countryside, harvesting fruits, vegetables, etc., in an “organic” way, especially popular are organic crops: oranges and mandarins, as well as all kinds of vegetables (lettuce, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.) .
  • Installation of biomass boilers. Biomass boilers have jumped to the first line of sustainable business. A biomass boiler produces heat through a biomass combustion process. Biomass is a fuel obtained from biological resources, there are several types of this ecological energy resource: natural, residual biomass, energy crops. Its ecological character has made it a highly demanded product for domestic and industrial use. The sale and installation of biomass boilers has become one of the most prosperous businesses within the sustainable context.
  • Recycling Companies. Recycling anchored in the daily routine of the majority of the population, recycling opens an important opportunity within ecological businesses. There are numerous products that can be reused: paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum, wood, vehicle parts, etc., this is where recycling companies develop their business plans. Recycling is a business with a fabulous present and a more than promising future.
  • Environmental consulting. Although this business does not affect an ecological final product, it is an important part of the business sector. Carrying out audits and reports to provide companies with the necessary mechanisms to help meet sustainability standards: topographic, fauna and vegetation studies, environmental impact studies, sustainability plans and programs, etc. Nowadays, every company needs to be advised in this regard.

Ecology and business

Although they may seem two antagonistic concepts , circumstances have made them go hand in hand, managing to create a market niche that grows every year. Supported above all in the progressive awareness of the population in environmental matters, since ultimately they are the end customer who will demand organic products.

The range of possibilities is very extensive, which is why ecological businesses are having an important boom in our days: organic food, renewable energy, recycling, organic products … the options are varied and very different.

If at first the business machinery seemed to be at odds with ecology, gradually destroying the environment, it seems that it is possible to align respect for nature and business. Not only help preserve the nature and respect, they are also business models with a line ascending development, success and innovation.

Ecology and business environment

All this ecological concern on the part of a large population nucleus, has reversed the line of demand for the purchase of different products. Within the business context this fact has not gone unnoticed, and part of the production strategies are aimed at the manufacture of “green” products and services.

Another important fact at the business organizational level is the importance of auditing sustainability reports, in order to maintain a transparent and reliable image of the production processes and final product, maintaining a close relationship with respect for the environment: savings water, electricity grid from green energy, waste disposal, etc.

Thinking “green” is entering the lives of millions of people and their way of living; feeding routines, high awareness of the value of nature … deeply affecting the demand for products. This has led, not only to the recycling of many companies, but also to the emergence of a new business niche aimed at satisfying the environmental needs of all nature lovers .

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