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Fortunately, the maxim of recycling in European homes is becoming more and more common. Awareness is increasing and we see more often separate containers so that each waste goes to its pile, without having to walk several kilometers to be ecological. However, those who have not yet done so often allude to a lack of space in the kitchen. That is no longer a problem. Here are several ideas to build your own recycling bins and avoid excessive space in your rooms.

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  1. Build the cube with pallets
  2. With a single carton
  3. Using PVC drain pipes
  4. An old dresser
  5. With cloth bags to store clothes
  6. Other ideas

Build the cube with pallets

Difficulty level: High

To build a beautiful recycling center, with a rustic touch and that will make life at home easier, we do not need more than a pallet and the plastic buckets that we are going to need. We are talking about those simple cubes, without decoration, that can be found very cheap in any furniture store. To do this, you have to place the garbage cans in parallel and join them with four wooden slats obtained from the pallet, so that they are fixed between them. Then sand, varnish or paint the palletAnd fasten it to the slats to cover the entire base, screw them to make a lid and thus prevent bad odors from coming out, unless you are only going to store cardboard, glass or plastics. Then you just have to put colored circles on the cover (for example, several gomets or stickers) to differentiate them.

With a single carton

Difficulty level: low

The simplest way, for those who do not want to do crafts or have several cubes scattered around the kitchen or other rooms, is to acquire a large circular cube . Then, with two hard cardboard that we will have cut according to the diameter of the cube, we cut the first in half and insert the second inside, previously painted its faces with differentiating colors of each product (it is easier than buying a color garbage bag for each). Then fix them to the cube with strong staples or suitable glue.for the surface. If the measurements are perfect, you may not even need that fixation, the cartons will adapt to the walls of the cube. You will see how the cube has been divided into four parts of 190 degrees each.

Using PVC drain pipes

Difficulty level: High

One of our favorites, because it is inexpensive, does not look bad aesthetically and allows us to obtain up to eight different bins (organic, ordinary garbage, plastics, paper, textiles, expired medicines, batteries and glass). 4 meters of PVC drain pipes of about 250 millimeters in diameter are needed and, for decoration, paint or spray in colors would be good, although we can also print some stickers and stick them on each base. We will cut the tube into nine parts, the ninth will be used to make very small tube strips that will serve to hold the bag well. If we are very “handyman”, we can open the material and build covers, at least for the organic garbage. Screw them in groups of four and place four on the floor (reinforced with a cardboard or a second plate) and the others screwed to the wall, a few centimeters above. Then, paint the strips obtained from the tube (which we will have cut about 10 centimeters) of each color and hold the garbage bags with them. These painted tube portions will also serve to differentiate the waste.

An old dresser

Difficulty level: very low

If you don’t like having your garbage in sight, no matter how innovative the design is, recover that chest of drawers that accumulates dust in the storage room. It is one of those pieces of furniture whose drawers open outwards. Measure it and buy several small plastic buckets that you will insert inside them painted or covered with fabrics of different colors (ideally they have a capacity of 8-10 liters). This design is very simple to do, it will not disturb and nobody will notice where you store your waste .

With cloth bags to store clothes

Difficulty level: low

We refer to those square cloth bags that we can find in the usual furniture stores (even in many “Todo a hundred”) and that are usually intended to store dirty clothes . Without a doubt, they give a more successful aesthetic than the traditional garbage can. These bags are recommended for storing garbage that stains less, such as plastics, cardboard, etc., and covering them with newspapers on the base and with several layers of bags, to avoid having to wash them too often.

Other ideas

Simple plastic boxes can be hung on a wall that you have free, for example on the terrace or garage, with their corresponding indicative signs so that everyone, family and visitors, knows where to deposit each waste . Stacking them one on top of the other leaving a few centimeters apart will save space and, if the plastic boxes are beautiful, it will not damage the aesthetics.

Finally, do not forget to take into account the space that remains under the sink. Can’t fit so many cubes? Now it is possible by incorporating a rotating metal structure under the stack. This will house at least three 6-10 liter plastic containers and will not disturb, taking advantage of the strategic hiding place that this corner of the kitchen provides us.

With these ideas and many others that you can come up with, there is no excuse not to recycle. Everything will be organized in the home, it will be easier than ever to separate the waste and its installation will not disturb.

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