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The planet is not going through its best moments. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods … Natural disasters are increasing throughout the world. At the same time dangerous climate change is accelerating. If until recently some scientists still continued to question it, now no one dares to doubt what is already evident, even to laymen in the field, that the so-called climate change will become “The climate catastrophe.” The last eleven years have been the hottest since meteorological records have been made.

Because of this and other environmental problems, the Earth is dying faster than would be expected in the natural process. If you want to know more details, keep reading this AgroCorrn article.

Why the earth dies

The most recent UN climate report soberly confirms what some already sensed, but few wanted to know. The blame for rapid climate change with its catastrophic effects is clearly human. Most of the aid measures, however, are in a contradiction diametrically opposed to political and economic interests. The greed for profits and profits on the part of some multinationals means that gigantic areas of tropical forests continue to be destroyed, with a speed comparable to that of a surface of a soccer field every two seconds.

The use of fossil fuels, together with intensive livestock farming, has produced the highest carbon dioxide content in the air for at least 650,000 years. Climate researchers’ forecasts for the next 90 years outline an apocalyptic scenario. Due to the rapidly melting polar caps, a possible rise in sea level of half a meter is anticipated. Some scientists even speak of an increase of more than one meter. Also, temperatures could rise by more than six degrees Celsius. Crop losses, drought catastrophes, species extinctions and tropical diseases are some of the foreseeable consequences.

The weather was undoubtedly the most important issue, or one of the most important of the past 2007. A brief review makes it clear: The year began with the hottest January of all time. The report was released in early February and scientists said the sea level would rise by half a meter. The annual temperature rose by more than 6.5 degrees Celsius. And the most important event was that they said that there are no more doubts that the human being is the main cause of this change, something that in past years was contested and that is still being contested even today, although already in a very low voice.

At the end of February 2008, the next part of the report was published. It released a warning from scientists: If greenhouse gas emissions are not substantially reduced by 2020 at the latest, global warming will set into motion irreversible processes, such as the melting of the carbon layer. Greenland ice and ocean acidification . Acidification of the oceans means that reefs could also break down, because carbonic acid dissolves lime.

The German populist newspaper BILD, referring to this issue, published spectacular headlines. First: “Our planet is dying.” That was after the first report. After the second report they referred to the year 2020 saying: “We only have 13 years left.” The third report dealt with the consequences of all these transformations. What meaning do they have for the Earth, for humanity? Droughts, floods, storms, lack of drinking water, extinction of species, millions of fugitives. Also, from deaths from the heat.

At the beginning of May the following report was published referring to the fact that saving the climate is possible, but for this the emission of carbon dioxide should be reduced by between 50 and 80%. Then came a summer break, which Al Gore and his friends took advantage of to organize the biggest musical event in history: The “Live Earth” concert with 2 billion spectators on all continents. Let’s think that also on the Titanic the music played until the end.

In October, the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) declared that the world is becoming a mortal danger. The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung carried these headlines: “The lives of billions of people are threatened with death. Humanity lives beyond its means». And then came the final report in November, in which the numbers were increased. Sea level could rise 1 meter and 49 centimeters in this century. Some scientists said the figures are no longer current, and Ban Ki Moon, the United Nations secretary-general, said at the time that the scenarios are as gruesome as in a science fiction movie. Later in Bali he said that if the fight against climate change is lost, humanity is threatened with extinction.

It could be said that the trend is increasing and that the figures have been increasing month after month, changing and becoming more and more acute, however in the course of the past year 500 natural disasters have been counted. This has been 1/5 more than in 2006. And if this is seen in correlation to the last 20 years, the number of natural disasters and macro-events caused by man has increased by 60%.

However, an important step is that scientists have shown that we have wrought our “bad luck”, nature has taught even the most incredulous. And in this situation 190 nations met in Bali to discuss how climate change can be stopped. And at the same time one wonders, what can we citizens do? A really interesting and important report was published already in 2008. A report by FAO , the Food and Agriculture Organization of the Nations United, which clearly warned of the relationship between meat production, global warming and climate change.

The report notes that livestock production is one of the causes of the world’s most pressing environmental problems, such as global warming, land degradation, air and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity.. The report estimates that livestock is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, a higher percentage than transport. The livestock sector produces 9% of CO2 emissions, largely due to the expansion of pastures and agricultural land used for forage production, and generates an even greater volume of emissions of other gases that have more potential to heat the atmosphere: up to 37% of the methane, almost all from the enteric fermentation of ruminants, and 65% of the anthropogenic nitrous oxide, most of it from manure.

Unfortunately, this report has barely made its way to the public. A few scientists, including John Powles of Cambridge University, have drawn attention to the fact that reducing meat consumption could be the most effective measure to curb global warming. But what was very successful was that the president of the world climate council, Dr. Pachauri, as a result of the facts presented, has become a vegetarian. And in principle everyone who cares about the future of the Earth can follow suit.

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