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Sustainable tourism in New York

Cities are becoming more and more aware of the importance of being green, ecological and sustainable. For this reason, large capitals are reshaping their urban model with the aim of improving the quality of life of both citizens and their visitors. With the aim of being a world benchmark in respect for the environment, the city of New York is increasingly focusing its attention on the construction of green spaces and mobility. If you want to know how to do sustainable tourism in New York , then in AgroCorrn, we give you all the tips.

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New York, sustainable city

No one can deny the innovative, multicultural and cosmopolitan character of New York City , one of the capitals of the world. It is a benchmark in art, culture, technology, gastronomy and, now, also in sustainability . Although it is one of the cities with the most asphalt on the planet, it is also one of the most ecological.

More and more environmental protection plans are being promoted in the city, such as the bicycle rental program to promote their use or the construction of cycle lanes to promote this transport. This plan, known as the Manhattan Greenway , allows you to pedal around 200 km that go around the island, a more than fun idea for sustainable tourism .

Added to all this is its express bus system, which allows traffic lights to extend their green light for longer if they detect the bus transmitter to prevent them from stopping, or the pedestrianization of the streets, which have become squares and parks very frequented by New Yorkers and tourists.

Green tourism

New York has proven to be one of the most important sustainable cities in the world, therefore, it offers its visitors the possibility of discovering more and more immense green spaces .

One of its main tourist attractions is, without a doubt, Central Park , the great lung of the city full of ponds and bucolic roads, although it is not the only green area in Manhattan. Among its new spaces, you can discover Inwood Hill Park , a forest in the middle of Harlem, between the Hudson and Harlem rivers.

To the southeast of the mythical Central Park you can also find Greenacre Park , the favorite garden of gardens preferred by New Yorkers. Among its vegetation, you can enjoy waterfalls and small kiosks where you can sit and taste yogurt or fruit juices or its elevated terrace, which invites you to take a break in the middle of the city that never sleeps.

The Battery Park City Invites you to discover on foot a long way from parks, trails and gardens next to the Hudson River. And you can’t stay without visiting the 100 hectares that make up the New York Botanical Gardens , the largest and most well-known botanical park in the city, a spectacular natural environment to which you can dedicate a whole day.

In addition to visits to parks, gardens and forests, if you visit New York you cannot forget to enjoy some of the most outstanding activities in the Big Apple, such as jazz. During the spring and summer, you will find impromptu concerts in New York parks and if you go sightseeing in late summer, you cannot miss the Charlie Parket Jazz Festival, a great outdoor music festival. Also, if you walk through the city that never sleeps, you will find a whole ecological world full of organic stores and supermarkets, known as greenmarkets , which will allow you to continue with a healthy and balanced diet while enjoying the incredible city of New York.

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