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How to avoid noise pollution

Despite being one of the least talked about pollution, noise pollution has very negative effects on health. In fact, in some places, such as highly populated urban centers or infrastructures for the transport of goods and passengers, the level of noise pollution is usually too high continuously, 24 hours a day, which can seriously affect serious to people and animals living in these environments. If you want to know a little more about this problem, and learn how to avoid noise pollution or reduce its effects as much as possible, keep reading AgroCorrn and we will tell you about it.

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  1. What is noise pollution
  2. Preventive solutions to prevent noise pollution from occurring
  3. Solutions to reduce noise pollution

What is noise pollution

To explain what noise pollution is , we can say that it is a type of pollution that can go unnoticed because it is intangible. Noise pollution is the pollution produced by noise from human activities in any environment, whether natural or artificial. In this way, it is concentrated in places where there are a large number of human beings or environments in which activities that have a great acoustic impact are carried out (airports, ports, factories, works, etc.).

The problem with this type of pollution is that, both in the short and long term, it leads to discomfort and disease for people and animals. The most common problems associated with noise pollution include the following

  • The insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of concentration
  • Irritability
  • Lack of hearing
  • The headache
  • Stress
  • The Depression
  • Neurosis

In this way, it is a type of contamination that must be avoided to ensure the health of people and animals that may be affected. This can be done in two ways, through preventive solutions, which are those aimed at preventing noise pollution from occurring, and curative solutions, which are those aimed at solving noise pollution when it has already occurred.

Preventive solutions to prevent noise pollution from occurring

Among the solutions to prevent noise pollution , that is, to prevent it from appearing, we find the following:

Road traffic restrictions

Traffic is one of the elements that produces the most noise pollution , especially within urban centers and near large highways. To reduce this noise pollution, it is possible to legislate in favor of less noisy vehicles, for example electric vehicles, limit the use of older vehicles, pedestrianize residential areas or promote public transport. In short, all those initiatives aimed at reducing the volume and quality of traffic that causes noise pollution.

Restrictions on industry and works

Both industrial activities and works are two other sectors that cause great noise pollution. In this sense, the best way to avoid their impact is by applying a series of restrictions that manage their relationship with the environment in which they are located. For example, this type of activities can be prohibited at night, and it can be forced to locate industries in spaces specially designated for this, such as industrial estates far from urban centers or natural areas of high ecological value.

Restrictions on leisure activities

Another of the most important sources of noise pollution comes from leisure activities, especially those that take place outdoors. In this sense, it is important to properly control the times and places where concerts, sporting events or other events that gather a large number of people take place. Likewise, it is also important to have a regulation that stipulates the hours in which bars and other leisure establishments can operate at night, especially when they have terraces or outdoor spaces, since they are another source of noise pollution that It makes it extremely difficult for the neighbors to rest.

Awareness and education

Finally, within preventive solutions, awareness and education cannot be overlooked. After all, a large part of noise pollution is produced by individual decisions, so it could be solved without too much trouble. In this sense, making the population aware that noise pollution is a serious problem, and proceeding to educate them so that measures are taken to avoid it, constitute two fundamental actions for its prevention. In this way, in the car we will not use the horn unnecessarily, we will set the volume of the television lower, when we are on the terrace of a bar we will avoid talking too loud or shouting, etc.

Solutions to reduce noise pollution

On the other hand, we can help ourselves with solutions to reduce noise pollution once it has already appeared, something that our health will greatly notice:

Structures that reduce the impact of noise pollution

One of the most efficient ways to reduce noise pollution, when it has already occurred, is the placement of barriers to stop the noise between the source that produces it and the people and animals that may be affected. A good example of this type of structure are the acoustic walls that are installed bordering some roads that have very dense traffic.

Improve the insulation of homes

One of the places where noise pollution can cause the most damage is homes, since a lot of time is spent in them and because, in addition, the time that corresponds to rest is spent there. One of the most important ways to reduce or end noise pollution in homes is by choosing equipment that improves the insulation of the walls of the same. In this sense, windows with hermetic closures and double glazing are the best ally.

Use of ear plugs

As annoying as having to use them may be, having a pair of earplugs on hand is the best solution when noise pollution is punctual. This solution is a way to avoid noise pollution when nothing can be done to solve it. It is a solution that should always be available, at least at home, or when we go to rest. This is a good way to avoid specific noises, such as short-term construction works or parties in neighboring houses.

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