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Apple tree cultivation and care

One of the most cultivated fruit trees in the world is the apple tree, and it is not only very beautiful but its fruit is exceptional and very rich both to eat alone and to accompany many dishes and desserts. It can reach 10 meters in height and has been cultivated since ancient times since its fruit was highly valued in Egypt thanks to its medicinal properties.

Today there are more than 7,000 varieties of apples around the world and the way to grow this tree is very simple, in addition to its aftercare.

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How to care for an apple tree

Take note of the details for growing and caring for the apple tree :

  • Cultivation : It is best to do it by layering or grafting since its reproduction through sowing is somewhat complicated and is usually used to get new varieties. The soil needs to be well drained and deep and ideally planted between mid-fall and early spring as the soil still retains some of the summer heat.
  • Climate : It prefers humid environments to dry ones and does not support frost, especially if there are many. The cold does not affect it but the strong winds can prevent it from developing properly.
  • Irrigation : It is very important that it is abundant, especially at the time when the flowers are growing since they will do so much better, while if the irrigation is scarce they may fall.
  • Fertilizer : It is very necessary so that the tree can reach its maximum splendor and be vigorous, in addition to being able to have all the nutrients it needs so that it can grow and bear fruit correctly.
  • Pruning : It must be done during the winter, at which time you will have to prune the crown of the tree so that the branches grow apart. This will also help light and air to reach any part of the tree and to develop in the same way.
  • Harvesting : It occurs when the end of summer arrives if all the conditions and care have been correct. By collecting them you can consume them already at the moment.
  • Pests and diseases : They can be affected by several, especially by fungi such as mottling or scab that affect the entire tree but that you can prevent if you eliminate the parts that are drying. It can also be affected by bold or powdery mildew, which you can eliminate with fungicides.

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