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Why are frogs raining from the sky

If you have ever tried to get away from someone or do something using expressions such as “when the pigs fly”, “when it rains frogs from the sky” or “when the frogs raise hair” from AgroCorrn we warn you that you should be careful … You may have than end up keeping your word. At the moment we have no evidence that pigs fly by themselves, but the issue of frogs is another matter. There are frogs that have hair, and sometimes they rain from the sky. How can this be? It’s weird, right? Relax, stay with us and we will tell you everything about why frogs rain from the sky .

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  1. Rains of animals today and in ancient times
  2. Scientific explanation of why frogs rain from the sky
  3. Other alternative non-scientific explanations for why it rains animals

Rains of animals today and in ancient times

The truth is that, although it may be extravagant, it is a phenomenon that occurs. But not only do frogs rain from the sky , but this has happened with other small living beings such as fish or birds, mostly deceased, something that happened in 2011 in the United States, but it is also a phenomenon that has been registered in Spain. in June 1880, when quail rained. Another strange and recent one, occurred in Florida, when iguanas, already dead, frozen or semi-frozen, rained in January 2018.

Formerly the explanations that looked for this phenomenon were very diverse. In the Middle Ages, after the rain of fish occurred, it was believed that these were already born in their adult state in the skies and that, later, they fell from there to the sea.

Most of these explanations tended toward the supernatural or were religious in nature. An example of this is the appearance of frogs, according to the Bible, in one of the ten plagues of Egypt for the liberation of the Egyptian slaves or the passage in which Joshua receives the rain of rocks as a heavenly help during the battle.

Scientific explanation of why frogs rain from the sky

Opposing most supernatural explanations for this phenomenon, the French physicist André-Marie Ampère decided to explain the phenomenon from a scientific perspective. Ampère stated before the Society for Natural Sciences that there were certain times of the year in which frogs and toads concentrated and roamed the fields, at which time if a strong atmospheric phenomenon occurred that implied an intense east wind could capture them and drag them great distances.

This turned out to be so. The rain of animals and, in particular, the rain of frogs can be related to strong meteorological phenomena that involve strong winds, such as tornadoes, waterspouts (tornadoes that form on the surface of bodies of water) or hurricanes. When these phenomena happen, the wind captures and transports everything in its path, which includes small living beings, up to long distances, sometimes. These strong winds can suck animals and objects from relatively large surfaces, and can completely dry up ponds. What happens is that when the intensity and force of this wind decreases, everything transported by the tornado falls in mass and at a specific point. Small animals, although not always, tend to die from the impact.

Fish and frogs , which are small and light, are frequent in these animal rains . There are times when these animals, when they fall, they do it completely frozen or in blocks of ice. This means that prior to their fall, the height at which they were in the tornado, hurricane or waterspout was very high, with temperatures below 0ºC.

However, there are still certain unknowns regarding this issue that makes many people skeptical of this explanation. One of them is that species of animals are not usually mixed, that is, in each rain of animals only one specific species is manifested, which is not mixed with vegetables, such as algae or other plants, at least not in most of The cases, because they have sometimes been isolated flowers and other parts of frozen plants when this happens. This could be difficult to imagine, since tornadoes, hurricanes, etc., suck up all kinds of objects that they find in their path.

Another point that still remains unexplained is that at the time of the fall of these animals some of them survive the fall, being able to be in perfect condition.


Other alternative non-scientific explanations for why it rains animals

Finally, we mention some of the alternative explanations for why it rains frogs , fish, birds, etc., and that are not based on science itself.

The gods

In relation to the divine explanations that we discussed in the first section of this article, the rain of animals had, for some, a religious nature. This phenomenon could be interpreted as a punishment or as a gift (edible animals) from the gods according to the nature of the animals or objects “rained” from the sky.


Another of the explanations sought for this phenomenon refers to the intervention of beings outside our planet who collected large amounts of animals as ballast and then dropped them before leaving our planet. Additionally, they say that the rains of flesh and blood would also be related to this phenomenon to dissipate cargo in the warehouses of their ships.

the teleportation

According to this hypothesis, there must have been other dimensions from which the animals that fell from the sky through anomalies in space-time came. Charles Hoy Fort was an American journalist who dedicated his life to unexplained phenomena, such as the rain of animals, producing the most complete documentation on this subject. According to Fort, there must have been a force in the past that had the ability to transport objects and animals instantly since its manifestation was disorderly. On the other hand, he proposed the existence of “a superior sea of ​​the Sargasso” that sucked objects from the earth and then released them.

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