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What is the ugliest animal in the world

Ugly among the ugliest. Psychrolutes marcidus, a deep-sea fish in Australia, has been voted the World’s Ugliest Animal by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

Simon Watt, biologist and president for life, has unveiled the winning animal at the British Science Festival that took place this week in Newcastle, UK. Quite an event, without a doubt, if only because of the unusual nature of the event.

Known as smudge fish or drop fish , this fish was the favorite of the competition, finally very close among the eleven nominations. At the gates of triumph, animals were difficult to look at, such as the kakopo, a flightless parrot from New Zealand, the axoloti (a salamander that regenerates its limbs), the giant Titicaca frog (Telmatobius culeus) and the proboscis monkey.

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The ugly need more help

Its strange, gelatinous-looking image (squishy type) will give a lot of play to the association, which will turn this sea creature into your mascot or representative drawing. That is, becoming the ugly official of the organization will bring benefits to this species, or so it is expected, at least.

Beyond the simple anecdote, it is intended to spread their need for support to avoid their extinction . And not only about him, but about the rest of the unattractive species that do not have help, compared to other privileged ones with an attractive appearance, such as the threatened panda bears or, for example, the big cats.

As the association recalls, with 200 species extinct every day, “ugly animals need more help because they don’t have the facilities of supermodels.” From now on, the smudge fish will be in the forefront, as may be the WWF logo (a panda bear), reminding us that ugly animals also have the right to life or, in other words, to a conservationist intervention. .

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