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Water conservation: importance and techniques

Responsible consumption of the water we use in our day to day is more important than we think. Well, not only do we contribute to reducing the amount of water that we sometimes waste by not reusing it or leaving the tap running longer than necessary, but with each action we are helping to keep the water resources available worldwide. Because, as we well know, water is a natural resource that appears in nature in a limited way, since, on many occasions, irresponsible human activities and climatic changes that affect rainfall, mean that we cannot count on the amount of Enough water to cover the needs, both human and the rest of the living beings with whom we live in any corner of the planet.

Therefore, to know in more detail why it is so important to use water responsibly, from AgroCorrn we bring you an interesting article on water conservation, its importance and techniques .

What is water conservation

Water conservation or water efficiency are terms that refer to the importance of reducing water use, especially trying to eliminate its misuse. How can the use of this precious natural asset be reduced? Well, through the implementation of different measures and techniques that allow the rational and efficient use of water , as well as the elimination of possible water losses and / or waste. ; and even the reuse of water whenever possible.

Because water is a defined natural resource and increasingly scarce, planning the optimal use of different water resources is of vital importance. This planning takes into account how the volume of water available for use in reservoirs and dams is always limited by the contributions of rainfall, which is currently affected by sudden changes in intensity, mainly due to climate change. The disappearance of water that is consumed for the irrigation of arable land and that destined for human consumption as drinking water is also valued, as well as the water used in industries and mining. Next, we will take a closer look at why water conservation is so important.

The importance of water conservation

Undoubtedly, the importance of water conservation lies in the multiple benefits that water brings both to human beings and to other living beings on the planet. Without water, none of the components of nature could survive. Therefore, the correct use of available water resources is really important for the functioning of any ecosystem, both anthropic and natural.

Currently, the importance of water conservation or water efficiency is related to the need to adapt to climate change. This phenomenon is seriously increasing the vulnerability of water systems that are poorly managed, both locally and globally.

For example, in various Spanish ecosystems and other European countries that share the characteristics of a Mediterranean climate, numerous research groups and projects of environmental organizations are focusing on the study of improving the efficiency of water use in farming systems. Mediterranean, to avoid water scarcity and try to adapt to new and varying environmental conditions.

We tell you much more in this other AgroCorrn article about Why it is important to take care of water .

In the next section of this article we will put some examples of techniques and useful measures for water conservation.

Water conservation – techniques

Among the main objectives established for the conservation of water or water efficiency, the measures related to:

  • Sustainability: ensuring the availability of water for future generations is of vital importance. For this, conditions must be maintained in which water does not exceed its natural replacement rate between natural and anthropic ecosystems.
  • The conservation of energy: the amounts of energy that are necessary for the different techniques of pumping, distribution and treatment of water must be taken into account, trying to ensure that said energy consumption is the most optimal possible.
  • Habitat conservation: it is very important that human beings are aware of the need to minimize the use we make of water in our day to day, and that in turn we are able to prioritize these uses to preserve those habitats that have large quantities of water, which is vital for the survival of plant and animal life.
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