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The 10 most beautiful landscapes in Spain

Do you want to know natural and magical places to visit in Spain? If you want to enjoy a day of total disconnection and move to places where the magic of nature is palpable, in this country you have a choice. They can be found from desert landscapes to unique beaches and lakes, among many more breathtaking landscapes. In addition, these places are also paradises in Spain to go on vacation , since in the same place or near it you can find charming towns and cities. If you are curious and looking for a destination for your next trip, take note of this AgroCorrn article in which we show you the 10 most beautiful landscapes in Spain .

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  1. Mouth of the Xallas
  2. Caves of Drach
  3. Corona Forestal Natural Park
  4. Torcal de Antequera
  5. The beach of Las Catedrales
  6. The Royal Bárdenas
  7. Las Médulas
  8. Enchanted city of Cuenca
  9. Aigüestortes National Park and San Mauricio Lake
  10. Teide National Park, Tenerife

Mouth of the Xallas

Among the beautiful natural landscapes that we find in Spain, it is worth highlighting the mouth of the Xallas. It is one of the natural waterfalls in this country that fall directly into the sea and, in fact, it is one of the few in Europe. It is located in Ézaro, La Coruña, in Galicia. At any time of the year, you can visit this natural wonder and see how the waterfall falls into the sea , through the cliffs, an unforgettable spectacle.

Caves of Drach

In Mallorca you cannot miss the Caves of Drach , as they are one of the many wonders that this island can offer its visitors. These caves are special, as they are 25 meters deep, 2,400 meters long and inside we find Lake Martel , one of the largest underground lakes on Earth. In addition, in these caves you can see a large number of stalactites and stalagmites.

Corona Forestal Natural Park

The Corona Forestal Natural Park , located in Granadilla in the south of the island of Tenerife, is a magical place that looks like a lunar landscape . Specifically, on the Camino de Chasna we can see several areas eroded in a curious way, achieving this aspect that is reminiscent of the Moon, and all thanks to the type of minerals that are in this land and the action of water and air. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful places in Spain to visit .

Torcal de Antequera

If you travel to Malaga , don’t forget to stop to enjoy the landscape of Torcal de Antequera . It is a karst landscape that has mostly limestone rocks, which have been eroded in curious and unique ways. This place, of more than 1,700 hectares, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you visit it, be sure to visit some of its chasms and underground caves, they will surprise you.

The beach of Las Catedrales

Also called the beach of the giant arches , it is a destination that you cannot miss if you travel through Spain. Located in Galicia , this beach is one of the most impressive and spectacular natural landscapes in Spain . It is located near Ribadeo and it is better to visit its cliffs and coast at low tide, to be able to walk quietly.

It is called Playa de las Catedrales because its cliffs and rocks are majestic and can measure up to more than 30 meters in height . In addition, the type of rock and the erosion of the wind and water have given rise to curious forms such as giant arches and vaults.

The Royal Bárdenas

Another part of Spain with a special charm is Navarra. There you can visit the Bárdenas Reales , southeast of Navarra, specifically, in the Ebro river depression . It is a landscape that has eroded beautifully over time and the result has been that, between the forces of wind and water, a semi-desert place with slopes, plains, plateaus and ravines of different shades of brown has been created. and reddish. These colors are due to the clay , sandstone, and gypsum that make up this soil.

If you want to visit this movie landscape, since several have actually been shot, we advise you to take a 4×4 excursion , you will love it.

Las Médulas

If you visit León , you cannot forget to walk through Las Médulas , a unique place that is the result of nature but also of human activity in this area. Specifically, it is the site where the Romans had large gold exploitations. However, currently, we can see the brown and reddish of its land mixed with the intense green of its vegetation. Las Médulas is such a spectacular destination that it has been declared a World Heritage Site . and, in fact, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Spain in autumn .

Enchanted city of Cuenca

Among the 10 most beautiful landscapes in Spain we also find the enchanted city of Cuenca . In this unique and beautiful natural landscape, the large limestone rocks have been modified by the wind and water to the point of having really strange shapes, such as the one we see in the image, with the shape of a mushroom as the base has a lot narrower than the top. In addition, this area of ​​Cuenca is full of pine forests, achieving a unique landscape combination.

Aigüestortes National Park and San Mauricio Lake

If you like The Pyrenees, the Aigüestortes National Park and the San Mauricio Lake is a natural space that you cannot miss. It is one of the richest and most beautiful landscapes in Spain, as it has centuries-old fir trees, which are some of the longest-lived trees on the Iberian Peninsula , black pine forests and more than 200 lakes. This is the only National Park in Cataloniaand in it, among other places, it is worth visiting the Sant Maurici lake, the Llong pond, the d’Amitges pond, the Cremada Rock and the Camí dels Enamorats. Many people choose to do excursions on foot or by 4×4, one day or several, but the truth is that there are many options to visit the park, even in summer we can take the cable car that leads to Lake Gento to enjoy some unforgettable views.

Teide National Park, Tenerife

Finally, another of the natural places to visit in Spain is the Teide National Park, in Tenerife. In this place that is outside the peninsula, is the highest peak in Spain, Mount Teide . It is one of the most spectacular volcanic terrain destinations in the world, where there is also great biodiversity , both of plant and animal species, especially invertebrates. We recommend taking a bus or 4×4 route, as well as going up with the cable car.

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