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Potus, a hardy houseplant

The most resistant indoor plant that we can have in our house is the Potus or Potus . It is a creeper plant from tropical Asia, which is capable of adapting to the most adverse conditions, including drought and pollution; As a curiosity, it is one of the few plants that can withstand the heavy atmosphere of a chain smoker’s house well; it will also help clean the air.

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Previous considerations for del Potus

The potus has large green leaves, which can be smooth or combine various shades of green, or with some white speck. They are bright and pretty leaves. One of the advantages of potus is that it grows at a surprising speed : if it has good soil and enough nutrients, it can grow half a meter in a year.

As it is a vine, we can arrange the potus in many different ways: one of them is by placing it on top of a piece of furniture or shelf and letting its long branches fall to the ground, like a waterfall. There are those who put a rod or tutor in the center and wrap the branches of the potus around it.

On occasion, I have seen branches of potus running along the edges of furniture, like a garland.

Plant a pot at home

The potus likes light , but it should not be exposed directly to the sun, as its leaves will suffer and languish.

As for soil, potus prefers a permeable substrate prepared with mulch, sand, and peat because it prefers something , but it will grow perfectly well with standard houseplant soil. What you will appreciate is the subscription: once a month in winter, every fortnight in spring and autumn, and weekly in summer.

We can reproduce the potus easily by cuttings . It is recommended to put the cutting in water for a few days until it takes root; later it is planted. However, I have planted cuttings in the ground directly on many occasions and they have always thrived.

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