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The tulip is a beautiful plant that can be used to decorate any corner, whether accompanied by other flowers , shrubs or by itself, because beauty is something that is not lacking.

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Buy those cultivable bulbs in areas with the same climate as the one in which you find yourself, since it is not the same to grow plants originating from Argentina than from Holland, for example. Make sure that they are protected in a bag that allows them to breathe, that they are not dry or with fungus and above all that they are of a reasonable size, as the development of the future plant will depend on it.

Tulips need to be in light soils, which retain moisture but do not have excess water that could drown and rot the bulbs, and in partially shaded spaces especially at the beginning.

Once you have decided the best place to plant it, you must prepare the base of the pot with a fairly soft soil with a minimum depth of 25 centimeters for the perfect development of the plant. You should plant the bulbs about 15 centimeters deep with the tips up, and if you are going to plant several you must keep them with a separation of about 5-10 centimeters between them.

When the plant has reached 8 centimeters (and if you can see the ‘button’ of the tuber) it is a good time to move it to a new, warmer room where the sunlight reaches more.



Despite their fragile and sophisticated image , tulips are very resistant plants that withstand low temperatures and wind very well, so we should not be especially careful in this regard, nor should we be with their maintenance: it will be enough to check that it is always kept moist and nourished , although it is not necessary that we use fertilizers if the bulbs are of good quality.

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