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Parrots in serious danger of extinction

Victims of illegal international trade and the destruction of their habitats as a result of human intervention, parrots are among the most threatened groups of birds on the planet. Around a third of the species of birds Psittaciformes, parrots, macaws, cockatoos, parrots, parakeets or parakeets, are in a critical state of conservation, according to a recent study by BirdLife International and the Australian National University published in the scientific journal Biodiversity Conservation . In this AgroCorrn article, we discuss the issue of parrots that are in danger of extinction.

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More than half of threatened species

The work concludes that this group of birds is on a tightrope, at the same level as seabirds. Even ahead of birds of prey, traditionally heavily punished. In addition to hunting and trapping, the reduction and degradation of their habitats , especially in tropical and subtropical areas, with the aim of transforming forest areas into farmland is one of the main causes of their critical situation. ” range of dangers, “says Stuart Butchart, scientific director of BirdLife International, who also notes that parrots face one of the highest rates of extinction and up to 56 percent of species are threatened.

Beyond the statistics, there are three especially dangerous situations. The experts point out as especially vulnerable the species that have a small historical distribution , as well as those of larger size , more long-lived but with few offspring, with the aggravating factor that they reach sexual maturity later, with which the populations are compromised.

Location is another factor to consider, especially when parrots live in wooded areas. If the forest disappears, they lose their home, with no possible alternative. Experts also remind us that large birds tend to form small populations, which makes them more vulnerable to poaching.

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