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Names of flowering climbing plants

Climbing plants are especially aesthetic, as they can grow almost anywhere and cover anything from a tree or cliff, to a building or structure of any kind. In this way, they are presented as a simple way to combine nature and the city in the same space and, sometimes, they can be a perfect solution to create a more friendly and pleasant space without the need to complicate excessively. If you want to know the names of flowering climbing plants that can be easily grown in pots or gardens, keep reading AgroCorrn and we will tell you about it.

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Passionflower, also called passionflower , is one of the easiest climbing plants to recognize because of its strange and striking flowers, which have shades of purple and yellow and are shaped like a plant from an alien movie. It is a plant that grows well in most climates , especially humid ones and with medium or even cool temperatures. To obtain the best results, it is recommended to plant it in early spring, water it abundantly and, if possible, help it to spread by placing its branches on the walls or structures that we want it to spread.


Bougainvillea is another of the climbing plants with the most attractive and attractive flowers that we can place in our garden. It is an especially interesting plant from a decorative point of view, since it has the characteristic of having an intense purple color that contrasts with the usual green of other plants. Its main enemy is the cold of winter, therefore, it is easier to grow in coastal regions, where temperatures remain warm most of the year , even in winter. In fact, it is an original plant from Brazil, that is, it has a tropical climate , which explains its little taste for low temperatures.


This climbing plant is characterized by its cluster-shaped flowers of weeping bells, which can cover most of the plant during flowering in the spring and early summer months . It is one of the hardiest flowering climbing plants to be found. In fact, it withstands low temperatures relatively well , although that will not prevent it from losing all its leaves during the cold season. It adapts well to most spaces, as it tends to grow and cover most of the nearby structures in a short time. In addition, it has the ability to grow even in a pot, as long as it provides enough space and is watered and fertilized when necessary.


If there is a climbing plant that lives up to its name, this is the honeysuckle. It is a climbing plant that has the ability to cover a large structure in a really short time. In addition, it is especially resistant to inclement weather of any kind. In winter it can completely lose its leaves and go into hibernation . However, with the arrival of good weather, it will be reborn with incomparable strength and vigor. In fact, it is recommended to plant it in a pot due to its spreading ability. If it is done in a flowerbed or directly on the ground, it is best to do it in an area where there are no other plants, since it will end up eliminating them due to the aggressiveness of their growth .

Climbing rose

Although the best known rose bushes are those with a full body and a woody stem, one of the varieties that most decorate and dress any wall is its climbing version. Climbing roses are characterized by being almost identical plants to traditional rose bushes , but with the characteristic of growing along the structures that are close to them, occasionally reaching, and if left, to cover them completely. They are quite delicate when it comes to supporting pests, so it is very important to pay attention and continuous care to them. Done correctly, you can enjoy a tapestry of roses each spring, which is the only time a year these plants bloom. In addition, one of the advantages that these climbing plants present with respect to the rest is that they can be found in different colors ranging from pink and red to white or yellow, just like common rose bushes.

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