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More protection for the Bengal tiger

The Bangladeshi authorities have taken the protection of the Bengal tiger very seriously and, among other measures, have decided to create a special unit to defend this animal and, incidentally, other animals, from poachers. This special unit will be made up of three hundred men, who will patrol the forests of the Sundarbans, one of the last habitats where these endangered tigers can live at ease. The decision to create this special body of rangers has been made months after three skins and several tiger bones be seized, which represented the largest seizure of illegal trade in tiger of Bengal in recent years.

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Where does the Bengal tiger live

In the mangrove area, on the border with India, there is still a population of about 400 tigers. But, until now, poaching was not considered the main threat to these animals. Actually, in Bangladesh, the Bengal tiger is considered as the national animal and is respected and even idolized, however, earlier this year 2011, a poacher with tiger skins and bones was arrested and started to suspect that an organized group of criminals was operating in the forests of Sundarbans.

Given this fact, Bangladeshi officials had no choice but to admit that they did not need more staff to care for this natural area, as well as resources and training. While poachers used increasingly refined techniques to catch tigers, rangers did not evolve. Environment and Forestry Minister Hasan Mahmud also admitted that they must have created a special unit to protect the animals long ago.

In addition, the staff of the department forest of Bangladesh needed more training. Thus, apart from the creation of the new special tiger protection unit, it has been decided to better train and equip those who compose it. Part of the financing comes from a loan from the World Bank.

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