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Learn to recycle at home and playing

The recycling figures grow every year in Spain and most of the developed countries. This is great news for the environment and it means that the population is aware of the benefits of separating objects made of cardboard, paper, cans, glass, some plastics and organic waste.

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Once there is the will to want to recycle, we must learn some procedures to do it correctly, because it is not always right with the container. Not making a mistake in separating the containers is very important to later be processed directly at the recycling plant.

Consumers can request the administration to place more containers, clean points and other waste collection systems such as batteries or used oil. The general idea, apart from recycling, is to reduce the amount of waste generated and reuse the products as much as possible.

Container colors : green container, glass containers; yellow container, light plastic containers, cans and cartons; and blue container, paper, cardboard and newspapers.

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