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Ideal plants for privacy in the garden

If you have a garden in your home, it is more than likely that you do not like prying eyes at all. It is normal, nobody likes to be observed while they are enjoying their moments of privacy and free time. The ideal is to know some ways to be able to have your privacy in the garden and thus enjoy the outdoor area of ​​your home.

It is not necessary that you have to use expensive elements or that you have to carry out works in the garden of your house, the best thing is to know some ideal plants that will help you have privacy in the garden and if that were not enough, it will allow you to enjoy a connection special with nature.

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  1. The bamboo
  2. The fight
  3. Artificial hedges
  4. The Tree of Life
  5. Cypress trees

The bamboo

I start with bamboo because I find it to be an excellent plant that adds height and a modern and captivating style to any space where it is located. Bamboo to use as a plant to gain privacy will allow you to create a row of bamboo on the wall full of greenery. There are those who think that bamboo is invasive and difficult to maintain, but not everything is like that.

While it is true that bamboo can be aggressive, there are others that do not have to end up out of your control. There are bamboo plants with slow-growing roots such as Fargesia bamboo. This plant, although its roots grow slowly, the plant grows faster, has an evergreen and is very resistant, even in cold conditions.

The fight

Boxwood is an ideal evergreen option for pots and planters that can also help you have good privacy. You can put them in tall, narrow containers to add height to help you avoid unexpected glances.

Boxwood is also a good option to add to the floor, although it will not have the same privacy effect. If height is not a very important factor in your privacy, then you can choose to add them in lower areas of your garden.

Artificial hedges

If you need to cover enough space , which is thick, tall, exuberant and also is instantaneous and that you can quickly avoid unwanted glances and increase privacy, then artificial hedges may be the best option for you. In addition, you will not have to wait for them to grow, you will not have to take care of them, or maintain them, or feed them or water them. It will be to buy them, put them on and enjoy them. As if that were not enough, even if they are artificial they will make you feel great comfort because of their green color.

As if that were not enough, the hedges or artificial shrubs will be perfectly sculpted , so you will save time and money doing it yourself. You just have to measure the space where you want to put the artificial hedges, find a model that you like and that suits your budget, put them in and go. In addition, they are usually constructed from high-quality polyurethane with protection from the sun’s rays. It will be worth the investment.

The Tree of Life

This tree has a name that we love, but it is also beautiful and perfect to put in your garden and gain privacy. This plant is lush and you can have a hadin full of manicured trees and shrubs. Before opting for this option, it is necessary that you properly investigate the variety of the plant – there are several of them – that may be best for your garden. This plant is also known as ‘arborvitae’.

Cypress trees

If you do not mind having a garden with a certain cemetery appearance – in cemeteries there are usually cypress trees planted – then the cypress is undoubtedly a perfect tree for your garden and for privacy. They grow a lot and very fast and in addition, they will give you a most elegant exterior.

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