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The gerbera is a beautiful plant with which you will get a very special atmosphere both in the garden and on a terrace, patio or inside the home. Its reproduction is usually carried out by geneticists to obtain new varieties, although many growers also use them to sell it as a flower or as a potted plant. It does not usually reproduce much at the amateur level but there are several methods of reproduction by which you can get it.


The best gerbera breeding methods

Take note of the gerbera reproduction methods and decide on the one that best suits you according to the characteristics of your garden:


This type of reproduction is basically oriented to improve this plant and is the most used system for planting in pots , either to have in your home or to sell later. From pollination until the seed matures, between 4 and 8 weeks pass and from each flower between 40 and 100 seeds can be obtained.


It is considered the simplest method although commercially it is not used much since its propagation rate is very low, although for your home it is an ideal option since you are not going to plant hundreds of plants. To carry out this method you have to start the adult plant and prune both the root and the leaves, and once disinfected they should be placed on a substrate at about 25ºC and a humidity of 80% for their correct reproduction.

In vitro

It is the fastest reproduction system and is based on meristems that are first cultivated in test tubes and when they emit the callus with several shoots they are selected individually to pass them to larger culture flasks.

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