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Five curious professions for nature lovers

The lack of opportunities can encourage many to embark on an adventure in search of a different job, which at first may seem crazy and finally end up becoming their life’s work, either because of the juicy salary or because it suits our tastes. and personality.

Although working life is usually extremely monotonous, in a matter of jobs there are many exceptions, although a “busy” job, always different, may also not be liked, and even cause a strong rejection. But, if it is a dynamic work, that always has us from here to there, close to nature or immersed in it, perhaps things will change … In AgroCorrn, we show 5 curious professions for nature lovers.

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Golf Ball Diver

It may seem little or not at all green to be diving to the bottom of a lake (muddy, usually) in search of golf balls, but in addition to being a very lucrative business in which you do water sports in a natural environment, death is avoided thousands of birds , because if the balls are not removed, the lake ends up being contaminated by the plastic materials with which they are made.

Photographers for Google Maps

This profession is perfect for sports and nature lovers. And it is that the Internet giant looks for people who want to travel to inaccessible places by car driving a bicycle in which the necessary installation is transported to add that territory to the famous application.

Watch polar bears

Another profession to be left with your mouth open, of amazement and also of envy. Of course, envy of the healthy, as well as the clean air where this work is carried out, an archipelago in the Norwegian Arctic where a unique job was offered almost two years ago, which consists of standing guard while the researchers carry out a work of field in that habitat. It is ideal for nature and animal lovers.

Caring for pandas or kangaroos

While the Chengdu Center of China regularly seeks babysitters for its pandas through the association, Australia has followed suit by offering jobs as babysitter in the savannah, in this case to attract young tourists.

For their part, panda keepers have to help them advance on the difficult path of reintroducing them into their natural environment.

Postman in Antarctica

How, postman where …? Yes, right where the penguins have the zip code. For some a marvel, and for others a real nightmare. Disconnect from the madding crowd, without seeing the sun, disconnected from the world (like so many other jobs, actually), but in this case in a privileged environment, no doubt.

The offer is from the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, the Antarctic postal service , which employs four people each year from November to March to manage the thousands of letters and postcards sent from there by passengers crossing the area with their luxurious cruises. You can apply for the job until February 27 and the salary is 1,100 dollars a month, plus travel and living expenses (it also includes bringing the occasional letter to the penguins). I bet many would even pay for the experience.

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