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Power Generating Bicycles

That bicycles are capable of generating kinetic energy is nothing new. However, that it is capable of being retained so that hybrid buses can use it, it is. This invention has been the work of designer Chiyu Chen , who has thought that bicycles can be more than just sustainable transport.

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Power Generator Bicycle System

This energy-generating bicycle system , called Hybrid 2, is capable of obtaining it in two ways: that of a lifetime that is produced thanks to pedaling, and the most innovative, thanks to the regenerative braking system “hybrake”, a very similar to that used today by other sustainable means of transport.

How do they work

The solution consists of few parts of which do not require much maintenance. The parts of the bicycle are made up of a stationary bicycle, a generator (it can be a car alternator), a car band (to be able to unite the revolutions of the bicycle towards the generator), a DCCA current inverter.

Thanks to a smart grid, this energy will be stored so that buses can be recharged with ease later. In order for those who have used the bicycle to be rewarded, it has been thought that it is best to offer them a free credit to travel on the bus. The amount of the credit will depend on the energy generated with the bicycle.

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