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Can music affect plants?

Although many times people forget that plants are living beings, it is something important that as a society that we live in our home called planet and that thanks to nature we survive, that we do not forget that plants and trees They are part of us and as such we must treat them with respect and take care of them so that our environment is healthier and we can all live in a better world.

If you are one of the people who thinks that plants do not feel, you will be stunned when you know that music can affect plants and their growth. And you will think but how? How can music affect plants if they don’t have ears or ear canal? Well yes it does! Do you want to know how?

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It is true that plants do not have an ear canal but they can capture the vibrations of the environment, and music also emits vibrations that they can notice, both for better and for worse, because music is too loud or with a too harsh style, rock or punk could even make a plant sick to the point of death.

Music volume

It should also be noted that for the plants to feel the vibrations of the music they would need at least 90 to 130 decibels of sound near them to have an effect on the plants. But on other occasions with only 70 decibels of soft music, such as a melody or classical music, it would be necessary for it to positively affect the plants and that with a combination of good light the plant can grow more and better.

Stimulates growth

While it is true that music that is too loud can kill plants , it is also true that classical music and other soft melodies favor plants, that is, relaxed music can make plants grow at a faster rate than in the case of not putting music to them or not singing soft songs to them.

In conclusion and with all this, we can verify that music can affect plants in a positive way, but also in a negative way if care is not taken. So don’t hesitate to put classical music on your plants at a moderate volume to positively affect them, but don’t play rock music or music that is too loud or loud, as it could cause weakness and even death.

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