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Most endangered animals in Asia

There are many animal species at risk of disappearing around the world and one of the areas of the planet in which there is more controversy due to the increase in this list is the Asian continent. The main causes of animals on the brink of extinction on this continent are the illegal hunting and sale of these, alive or for parts of their body, and the destruction of their habitat, however there are many more.

It is necessary that we begin to become more aware of the serious problem posed by our activities in nature and how they affect other beings, since we are increasingly related to the extinction of animals . For this reason, in this AgroCorrn article we want to show which animals are in greatest danger of extinction in Asia and we will also talk about a well-known species that is in a state of vulnerability.

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  1. Red panda
  2. Asian elephant
  3. Bengal tiger
  4. Snow leopard, the endangered ghost
  5. Japanese ibis, an endangered Asian bird
  6. Caballo Przewalski
  7. Cheetah, on the verge of extinction in Asia
  8. Is the panda bear in danger of extinction?

Red panda

The red panda or Ailurus fulgens may not be a well-known animal, but it is one of the Asian species most at risk of disappearing in the next few years, since its population is currently very small and it is considered to be in the Endangered state o danger of extinction, but also scientists have confirmed that its population trend is decreasing.

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Asian elephant

The Asian elephant or Elephas maximus can be seen throughout the world for many years, indeed centuries who have traveled as part of empires and circuses. They are highly sought after for field work that requires great effort and for shows because they are large animals that can support a great deal of weight and effort but, at the same time, they are smaller than their relatives, the African elephants.

Thus, Asian elephants in the wild are in danger of extinction because we humans exploit them for our benefit, whether for jobs in agriculture, construction, in the circus or in tourism, and because their habitat is destroyed every time faster. Furthermore, Asian elephants are captured, both alive and dead, mostly illegally for private zoos and for the sale of parts.

Bengal tiger

You’ve probably heard that tigers in the wild in Asia, their place of origin, are increasingly at risk and it’s totally true. There are several species of tigers in danger of extinction , but the Bengal tigers or Panthera tigris tigris are the species that is currently in greater danger.

Great progress has been made in their protection, however due to pressure on governments from large corporations and other stakeholders, there are causes of the danger of extinction of tigers in Asia that were being controlled and that again seem to reopen: we are talking about its use in tourism. Thus, one way to collaborate so that they do not disappear is to avoid tourist activities that use them as a claim, as is the case with many other species, such as elephants.

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Snow leopard, the endangered ghost

Another large feline that is at risk of ceasing to exist is known as the Snow Ghost. It is the snow leopard, Uncia uncia or Panthera Uncia , a large cat that lives in high mountain areas in some Asian countries, in the Himalayas.

There are very few adult specimens left in the wild and the trend of their population is to reduce each year little by little, but there are already projects in operation to help them. The main causes of its danger of extinction are climate change, the destruction of its habitat and poaching for its peculiar fur.

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Japanese ibis, an endangered Asian bird

The Japanese ibis, also called Japanese crested ibis or toki and scientifically known as Nipponia nippon , is another of the animals in Asia that is in greater danger of extinction. It is not one of the best known but it has been on the verge of disappearing for a long time.

Before it could be seen in several Asian countries such as China, Russia, Korea and Japan, but for a long time it has only been seen in some areas of Japan. However, although the Japanese ibis is in danger of disappearing, it has also been recorded that its population is increasing little by little.

Caballo Przewalski

The Equus ferus przewalskii is the only really wild horse subspecies that currently exists, the rest of the wild horses in the world are really horses that come from totally domesticated species but have returned to feral.

Also called the Mongolian wild horse or takhi , as its common name suggests, the Przewalski Horse is native to the Mongolian area. It was close to extinction at the end of the last century, but it managed to survive and is still at high risk today. Today they live in parts of Mongolia and China, apart from several zoos.

Cheetah, on the verge of extinction in Asia

The Acinonyx jubatus , cheetahs or cheetah are well known in Africa, but few people know that also dwelt extensively in Asia long ago. Today, instead, it is one of the most endangered animal species in Asia , because its wild population has been reduced to a small part of Iran .

In addition, both in this small area and in general in the rest of the areas where it lives in the wild in Africa, the trend of new births and survival of the young is declining, so that every year there are fewer. The causes are varied, from poaching and destruction of their habitat for construction to general pollution of the planet.

Is the panda bear in danger of extinction?

We have left the panda bear for the finale, this world-famous Asian animal, because it currently raises great doubts about its population status. The truth is that it is an emblematic animal species of Asia, mainly of China, and that it has always captured the attention when we talk about animals in greater danger of extinction .

However, since relatively recently, it is necessary to celebrate that the panda or Ailuropoda melanoleuca is no longer included in the lists of animals at greater risk of extinction , but that they have managed to increase their population enough so that the official body, the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species , recognize it as a species in a vulnerable state , exactly the previous step to being in danger.

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